Ludovin - How To Find A Party

alex on March 22 2012

Let's kick off the week with a banger.

Vacationer - Summer End

alex on March 22 2012

Travel technicians Vacationer kill it. I have a hard time some days thinking of witty shit to write, I usually think of my best stuff while I'm riding on the subway and I'll jot down a note in my phone and come back to it later. The only problem with that is the notes I leave are like cryptic serial killer messages. Let's take a look back through some - "Old Boy" "Bathroom Light" "Fucked up fairy tales" "Question Mark" "Zombie Dad" - Zombie dad sounds like a Fox sitcom...

Teen Daze - Treten

alex on March 21 2012

Its no secret I was a weird fucking kid but I think people will be able to relate to me on this. When I was younger everytime I took a shower I looked down at my hands and I noticed it looked like they were shooting out water. I remember being astounded by this fact, every day I would get in the shower and feel like a boss while telling myself "yep, I have super powers." .... moral of the story is reality is a mother fucker.

Crystal Fighters - Swallow

chris on March 20 2012

These guys ignited glasslands last night in a rad way. Oh and this song gets hard as fuck with a flip of a switch.

Beach House - Wishes

alex on March 19 2012

If I was president I'd make the weekends one day longer. Mejias 2012.

Built to Spill - Car (live)

chris on March 19 2012

I want to see, movies of my dreams. Doug Martsch continues to be my favorite, sorry young bloods.

Loyal Divide - Vision Vision

alex on March 16 2012

Chris and myself are off to the woods to recreate every horror movie from the early 80s (especially E.T.).

Chairlift ft. Das Racist - Party (Beyonce cover)

alex on March 14 2012

Caroline Polachek.. I want to drink McDonald's shamrock shakes with you...

Wild Child - The Tale of You and Me

alex on March 14 2012

What the fuck is it about songs which have groups of people singing together which absolutely captivates me? That has to be some sort of innate human genetic tribal thing activating inside of us, whatever it is... i like it.

Miike Snow - God Help This Divorce

alex on March 13 2012

I'm way too indoors kid today for this weather.