Snowden - Fineshrine (Purity Ring Cover)

Alex on April 14 2015

Cutting open sternums has never sounded so peaceful.

Magic Potion - Deep Web

chris on April 10 2015

Lets start this cold dreary day out right, with some lethargic indie rock. What's that you say? It's partly sunny and a refreshing 68 degrees over in California? GO &%$# YOURSELF.

Hot Chip - White Wine and Fried Chicken

Alex on April 08 2015

This track is impossibly chill. Anytime someone is singing to me about fried chicken I will listen and most likely agree. We should make a new Mission Impossible movie called Mission Impossible: Impossibly Chill which would just be Tom Cruise wearing Top Gun aviators sitting on a beach drinking pina coladas with a friendly stray dog watching a sunset.

Built to Spill - Never Be the Same

chris on April 02 2015

My number one band is coming out with a new album. Same great sound, half as much depression. I'm not so sure that formula actually works for Built to Spill. You fuckers better not have found Jesus.

Active Child - Never Far Away

chris on April 02 2015

Active Child seems to have gone the way of 90s R&B. Actually, I'd be pretty hard pressed to find a genre in which this guys voice didn't sound spectacular. I was going to say death metal, but I think it would sound mind-blowingly good. I'm stumped.

Lower Dens - Your Heart Still Beating

Alex on April 01 2015

Goodness gracious - Lower Dens kills it on this intro. Fuck the song, just listen to the first 30 seconds on repeat.

Peaking Lights - Everyone and Us

chris on March 31 2015

This is a husband and wife music team. Just think about that for a second. No thanks.

Jamie XX - Loud Places (Feat. Romy)

Alex on March 31 2015

Finally a return of the Jamie XX we've all come to know and love - not this all under one roof raving bull shit. Now we if could only get Alt J back to its former self we would be all set - that's right J, I'm calling out you and your "I'm a female rebel" garbage.

Party Supplies - Tough Love

chris on March 27 2015

I think theres a new genre bouncing style of music that has formed. Part rock and part electronic and part nu-disco. The albums almost sound like mixes of different artists. Classixx was the first band that popped on my radar, followed by Vesuvio Solo and now Party Supplies. I'm into it! Bands that sound like themselves are boring.

Action Bronson - Baby Blue

chris on March 25 2015

Action Bronson, you truly truly are Mr. Wonderful.