Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ffunny Ffrends

chris on July 09 2013

I want to kill that geico gecco. It's not funny anymore, so just stop it.

Beck - I Wont Be Long

Alex on July 09 2013

Beck? Relevant again? While a huge departure from the Beck we're all accustomed to I have to say this new direction is rock solid. I remember the first time I saw Beck perform - It was 1997, I was at the HFStival waiting for the Prodigy to come on and fire start. Beck comes on and just cries his little weird heart out during his set, as a 14 year old stoned boy I just had so many questions. Now that I'm a grown 30 year old stoned adult... I still have so many questions.

San Cisco - Awkward

chris on July 08 2013

My 4th of July camping trip actual ended up being more like a labor camp.

Lorde - Bravado (FFFRRANNNO Remix)

alex on July 08 2013

Solid track (and a hot babe) to kick off the week. Only 285 more days until National High Five Day.

The Derevolutions - Yell It Out

Alex on July 03 2013

4th of July is upon us - that time of year where inevitably get burned by a rogue firework. I'll be in my living room this year so if I get hit by a firework it will be amazing.

This track reminds me of the first time I listed to The Avalanches or Go Team!. Speaking of The Avalanches - Avalanches, are you out there? I'd make a deal with the devil for one more Avalanches album. I've been waiting patiently for thirteen years...

Du Tonc - Surging Memories

Alex on July 02 2013

The masochist side of me decided I shouldn't drink caffeine this week. I wish this headache upon no one.

Poolside - Next to You

chris on June 28 2013

Hey Poolside, I plan on going on vacation in a few weeks. It's cool if you just follow me around the entire time playing summer jams right? Oooof, ya'l have a knack for it.

Ace Cosgrove - 1 Chance 4 Gold (Prod. by Humbeats)

alex on June 28 2013

Happy birthday to one of my favorite hip hop artists, Ace Cosgrove. Here's a taste of Ace's twitter -- she be bugging asking why i look high all the time ... i just wanna be like cuz im high all the time . but i just be like "ahh idk"

Ace Cosgrove Twitter
Ace Cosgrove Sound Cloud

Viceroy - Dream of Bombay (feat. Chela)

Alex on June 26 2013

This is my fucking victory song. I defeated the IKEA boss. It was a grueling battle lasting over the course of 4 days. IKEA casted a pretty solid level 12 daze spell on me, my health was low and I was silenced - I digressed. I drank a potion, chilled by a campfire, killed some monsters to level up, deleted facebook, lawyered up, hit the gym, and returned stronger than ever. After casting a level 22 shout spell IKEA cowered in fear and left me to my riches leaving a trail of foul stench in their wake. Total battle time: 9 hours / Total damage taken: over 9,000.

In other news: I've been playing way too much Neverwinter.

Poolside - Harvest Moon

chris on June 26 2013

Entry 2 of Wednesday's pool theme. Poolside comes through with a miraculously summery cover of Neil Young. Chrissy Likey.