The Thermals - Now We Can See

chris on February 13 2009

New Thermals album people. I was hanging with Andre Benjamin last night, NBD.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Drain The Blood

alex on February 12 2009

Cute music tipsters are the best. As the week winds to an end I find myself asking...myself(?)... why are wolves so mother fucking cool?? you marinate on that while I post on my new wolf blog on tumblr. unicornwolflazersfuckyou, check me out on tumblr.

Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family - That Song

alex on February 11 2009

This band is going to be huge, someone please help me find their LP. So I missed a lily allen secret show last night, im fucking PISSED. furious with anger. Lily didnt even holler at a brotha.

Belle And Sebastian - Sleep The Clock Around

chris on February 11 2009

I got some new headphones that are unbelievable. If I close my eyes I feel like I am at the BBC recording studio. Nice touch with the horn.

Peephole - Cold Dime

chris on February 10 2009

Me = lazy tired mess of a person.

Lily Allen - Back To The Start

alex on February 10 2009

Lily is smoking hot. I'm gonna ask her out on a date. We're going to McDonalds.

Phoenix - Consolation Prizes

chris on February 10 2009

My heart is waiting on a new you. I hear that brother.

Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter

alex on February 09 2009

Sufjan, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks to everyone who made it out on Saturday.

Land of Talk - Some Are Lakes

chris on February 09 2009

Wow, that weekend was a dream. Saturday was fun if you missed it, rocked till 4:30 in the morning.

Late of the Pier - Random Firl

alex on February 06 2009

Motha Fucking duck duck tomorrow! you better be ready to have a horrifying hangover on Sunday cause were going hard all night. duck duck is located off the Montrose Ave L train stop, the corner of Montrose Ave and Graham Ave Brooklyn NY. Rock.