Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family - That Song

alex on February 11 2009

This band is going to be huge, someone please help me find their LP. So I missed a lily allen secret show last night, im fucking PISSED. furious with anger. Lily didnt even holler at a brotha.

Belle And Sebastian - Sleep The Clock Around

chris on February 11 2009

I got some new headphones that are unbelievable. If I close my eyes I feel like I am at the BBC recording studio. Nice touch with the horn.

Peephole - Cold Dime

chris on February 10 2009

Me = lazy tired mess of a person.

Lily Allen - Back To The Start

alex on February 10 2009

Lily is smoking hot. I'm gonna ask her out on a date. We're going to McDonalds.

Phoenix - Consolation Prizes

chris on February 10 2009

My heart is waiting on a new you. I hear that brother.

Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter

alex on February 09 2009

Sufjan, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks to everyone who made it out on Saturday.

Land of Talk - Some Are Lakes

chris on February 09 2009

Wow, that weekend was a dream. Saturday was fun if you missed it, rocked till 4:30 in the morning.

Late of the Pier - Random Firl

alex on February 06 2009

Motha Fucking duck duck tomorrow! you better be ready to have a horrifying hangover on Sunday cause were going hard all night. duck duck is located off the Montrose Ave L train stop, the corner of Montrose Ave and Graham Ave Brooklyn NY. Rock.

C.S.S. - Move

chris on February 06 2009

Hey World, I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. How is the weather today world? Thats nice, it is fucking baltic frozen tundra antarctic siberia penguin cold here. FUCK! See you tomorrow night at Duck Duck. Challa!!

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Can't Hear My Eyes

chris on February 05 2009