The Rosebuds - The Secret Life of the Rosebuds

christopher on July 28 2010

Comprised of two members from North Cackalacka. They must have a bad temper because there has been a total of 13 members of the Rosebuds, 11 went bye bye.

Holy Ghost! - Static On The Wire

christopher on July 27 2010

Another new disco jam from my neighbors, Holy Ghost!

Chromeo - Night By Night

christopher on July 27 2010

DJ Chrissy T holding it down for the time being. This is off the upcoming album, and hey yo! They will be playing this at the BK pool party in a couple weeks. DAVE 1 and P THUG, you go Chromeo.

Shout Out Louds - 1999

christopher on July 26 2010

Listening to Shout Out Louds and finishing up on my magazine, sounds about right.

Ida Maria - Morning Light

christopher on July 26 2010

I like you so much better when your naked.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - In Pairs

alex on July 23 2010


Arcade Fire - Ready to Start

alex on July 23 2010


Even Voytas - I Took A Trip On A Plane

alex on July 23 2010

the beach. brb in 2 weeks.

The Drums - Down By The Water

christopher on July 22 2010

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, go see it before they remake it into an American version.

Annuals - Eyes In The Darkness

alexander on July 21 2010

dang annuals, i wasnt sure if you were going to recover from your folk country stage but it appears you've completely bounced back. please never put me through that again. thanks and kisses.