Ida Maria - Morning Light

christopher on July 26 2010

I like you so much better when your naked.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - In Pairs

alex on July 23 2010


Arcade Fire - Ready to Start

alex on July 23 2010


Even Voytas - I Took A Trip On A Plane

alex on July 23 2010

the beach. brb in 2 weeks.

The Drums - Down By The Water

christopher on July 22 2010

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, go see it before they remake it into an American version.

Annuals - Eyes In The Darkness

alexander on July 21 2010

dang annuals, i wasnt sure if you were going to recover from your folk country stage but it appears you've completely bounced back. please never put me through that again. thanks and kisses.

Ra Ra Riot - Boy

alexander on July 20 2010

really really ridiculously good music.

Gaurds - Resolution of One

christopher on July 19 2010

I'm really getting in to Gaurds. Oh, and for all you bands that are looking for a name, try to choose something that is not absolutely impossible to google.

Frankie Rose and the Outs - Little Brown Haired Girls

christopher on July 16 2010

Where oh where has christopher been? I'll tell you where, straight relaxing in the South. I'm back now, so here is some of what you came for.

Shiv Hurrah - Heart of Lead

alex - providing poop advice since 1996 on July 15 2010

David from Shiv Hurrah was kind enough to e-mail us Shiv Hurrah's new EP, excellent stuff. I just got chocolate all over my face while writing this, i guess i got a little too excited. if someone walked into my room right now they would probably think it was poop all over my face, and id be all like nah dawg, thats imported chocolate. remember that line, you may need to use it next time you shit your pants.