The Range - Promises

chris on March 18 2013

Big sounds from the little state of Rhode Island. Speaking of Islands, Left As Rain is off to Puerto RIco tomorrow, so I'll be sure to put up a handful of tracks to tide you over. Speaking of tides, Left As Rain is off to Puerto RIco tomorrow.


There is no Alex, only Zuul. on March 15 2013

so technically this song is called Zuul, correct? Could it be... a Ghostbuster's reference? CHVRCHES, you complete me.

Chris and myself set sail for Puerto Rico soon so this place will be a ghost town for a week or so.

Millionyoung - Lovin

chris on March 15 2013

My mom sent me a care package! I'm 30 years old and I just got a care package! One item in the box is a Built to Spill tour shirt, thanks JT... Today is really looking up.

Leagues - Spotlight

alex on March 14 2013

Got on the train today and sat down next to a pretty cute chick carrying her bag of Whole Foods groceries. Moments later I smell an aroma which could only be fast food. I look over to said cute chick and she's housing a Wendy's chili fries - I mean she's eating this thing like she's been stuck in Buffalo Bill's basement eating only lotion for the past 2 weeks. At this point I'm torn... part of me is all "Well that's disgusting." and another part of me is all "is this my fucking dream girl???" So she finishes her first meal in weeks in about 2 minutes and neatly puts her trash in her Whole Foods bag. She withdraws her hand from the bag with a McDonald's chicken sandwich (yes. that's right. she went to Wendy's then McDonald's) all wrapped up ready to be ravaged by this hungry beast of a 110 lb girl. One would think this would totally clench victory for the side of me who considers her supremely disgusting.

Even at 30 you still find things out about yourself.. apparently my dream girl is someone who houses multiple types of fast food whilst disguising it as Whole Foods products on public transportation.

Calvin Love - Magic Hearts

chris on March 13 2013

I met Calvin Love when he opened for Mac Demarco in Brooklyn about a week ago. Super cool dude. He's young, he's tall, he's talented, he's going places. Look out.

The Virgins - Flashbacks Memories and Dreams

chris on March 13 2013

I refused to put this track up before, but I think the single cover photo changed my mind.

WHY? - The Water You Walk

alex on March 11 2013

I'm three decades old today. It's just a coincidence I woke up and my hip was hurting... right?

Cayucas - High School Lover

chris on March 11 2013

Go see these dudes at SXSW. Wait, why don't we ever go to SXSW alex?

Caveman - In the City

chris on March 11 2013

Sorry can't talk right now, currently have a pinched nerve in my fucking back. fuuuuck. enjoy the music while i writhe in agony.

Tame Impala - Mind Mischief (Ducktails Remix)

alex on March 06 2013

We'll file this in the hot beats drawer AKA that drawer where you put awesome shit in high school -- other items which exist in this drawer are one of Grandpa's war medals, a hustler magazine from 1994, a single fire cracker, and a mostly smoked J which you may or may not ever finish.