Calvin Love - Magic Hearts

chris on March 13 2013

I met Calvin Love when he opened for Mac Demarco in Brooklyn about a week ago. Super cool dude. He's young, he's tall, he's talented, he's going places. Look out.

The Virgins - Flashbacks Memories and Dreams

chris on March 13 2013

I refused to put this track up before, but I think the single cover photo changed my mind.

WHY? - The Water You Walk

alex on March 11 2013

I'm three decades old today. It's just a coincidence I woke up and my hip was hurting... right?

Cayucas - High School Lover

chris on March 11 2013

Go see these dudes at SXSW. Wait, why don't we ever go to SXSW alex?

Caveman - In the City

chris on March 11 2013

Sorry can't talk right now, currently have a pinched nerve in my fucking back. fuuuuck. enjoy the music while i writhe in agony.

Tame Impala - Mind Mischief (Ducktails Remix)

alex on March 06 2013

We'll file this in the hot beats drawer AKA that drawer where you put awesome shit in high school -- other items which exist in this drawer are one of Grandpa's war medals, a hustler magazine from 1994, a single fire cracker, and a mostly smoked J which you may or may not ever finish.

Sean Broadway - Sean Broadways Theme

chris on March 06 2013

If you're gonna ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder.

Javelin - Nnormal

chris on March 06 2013

Don't believe everything you hear. When I decided I wanted to see Ace Ventura Pet Detective when I was thirteen, my dad told me he read it was a terrible movie and not to waste my time. I told him, I'm gonna make up my own mind thank you very much, and low and behold, the movie changed my life. I saw on that awful site Pitchfork that this is bad. My brain says it's good. Very good.

Russian Guys - No idea

chris on March 04 2013

I have no idea who this is or where it came from. I do however know that it's amazing and I want to know everything about it. So if you have any information about this track, write it on the back of a hundred dollar bill and send it to Chris and Alex at 1 Left As Rain Plaza, Brooklyn NY. Update: @gastrodamus has informed us via $100 dollar bill that this track is Ballad of the War Machine by Midnight Juggernauts.

Solander - Berlin

alex on March 04 2013

Folkie Mondays. Banjos, pianos, and drum kits are a recipe for success.