The Kills - DNA

chris on April 20 2011

Pretty hard stuff right here. love the blues riffs.

James Blake - I only know what I know now

chris on April 19 2011

This is off the Klavierwerke EP. Sorry about the site being down earlier, it happens.

The National - Exile Vilify

alex on April 19 2011

The National created this song for the game Portal 2. I'm not a huge fan of the Portal games but Valve and Gabe Newell as a whole have a rock solid business model. Music biz needs more of this shit. In other news: my neighbor listens (at high volumes) to the worst fucking jock jams music from 1994. The kid is also quite flamboyantly gay which generally lends itself to great taste in just about everything. I suppose fate put him across the hall as a ying and yang sort of scenario.

Malajube - Le Blizzard

alex on April 18 2011

I'm pretty dissapointed in Malajube's new album, needless to say this track is quite jammy. If you'd like to see this band at their full potential check out their Trompe-l'oeil album.

Woodkid - Iron (Mystery Jets rmx)

alex on April 14 2011

This track is hands down some of the best shit I've heard in awhile, just fucking wow.

Built to Spill - Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss

chris on April 14 2011

Built to spill makes me want to be sad, in a good way.

Memory Tapes - Today Is Our Life

alex on April 12 2011

Feel good be happy music. I was watching TV last night (I'm currently addicted to Stargate Atlantis) and I was checking out extras chat in the background of a scene. Maybe an actor can answer this for me, in a TV show or movie do the background conversations actually consist of real dialogue? or it most like "Potato Monkey Cheeseburger" then the other guy nods.

Body Language - You Can

chris on April 12 2011

Head bobbin to the max right now. Im like a life size version of a chris bobble head doll.

Ramesh - Romeo Void

alex on April 11 2011

Voxtrot's Ramesh, enough said. I think Voxtrot will go down in history as one of the most under appreciated bands of our generation, such a shame.

ANR - It's all around you

chris on April 11 2011

I think alex still works here. oh alex where art thou? Shit, I'm glad we don't talk like that anymore.