Body Language - You Can

chris on April 12 2011

Head bobbin to the max right now. Im like a life size version of a chris bobble head doll.

Ramesh - Romeo Void

alex on April 11 2011

Voxtrot's Ramesh, enough said. I think Voxtrot will go down in history as one of the most under appreciated bands of our generation, such a shame.

ANR - It's all around you

chris on April 11 2011

I think alex still works here. oh alex where art thou? Shit, I'm glad we don't talk like that anymore.

The Weeknd - House of Balloons - Glass Table Girls

alex on April 08 2011

I was on the fence about this band but after a few solid listen throughs of the album I'm in fucking love. On a lighter note: you know when you walk into a fast food joint and you see a really fat person grubbing out? Something about that is really satisfying to me, like seeing a lion, eating its prey, in the savannah.

ANR - Big Problem

chris on April 08 2011

Great album by the Floridians, Awesome New Republic. Love that hint of TV on the Radio they have going on. Do work!

Zoo Kid - Out Getting Ribs

chris on April 07 2011

I like this kids style. He has hurt in his voice and eyes. To fully understand whats happening here check out the video I put on the news feed. Do it.

Mndr - I Go Away

chris on April 07 2011

So jury duty is officially the worser than worstest.

Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi - Two Against One Feat. Jack White

alex on April 05 2011

Well that's good music right there. Last night was my first time having a dream within a dream experience. That shit will really fuck with you.

Gayngs - The Last Prom on Earth

chris on April 05 2011

This song goes out to my special lady.

Destroyer - Chinatown

chris on April 05 2011

We should have a hell of a party when we reach 1000. Technically we should be around 1600, but we revamped the site a while back.