Thao - Easy

alex on March 09 2010

I get so pumped up when I check out the google analytics for left as rain lately, were spread out pretty evenly all over the globe at this point. music! fuckyeah! im gonna take it back to 2009 with some solid Thao to honor the coming warm weather. spring, we welcome you with open arms...while wearing a trench coat... naked.

Kisses - Bermuda

christopher on March 09 2010

Came across this duo while i was checking out some sxsw lineups. Now excuse me while I go bask in the mid 50s sun.

Brothers of End - Big Bird

christopher on March 08 2010

Speaking of boners, the band below is playing with Plants and Animals on Wednesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Ooops, sold out. Anti-boner.

Broken Bells - Sailing To Nowhere

alex on March 08 2010

Dangermouse + James Mercer (singer from the shins) = boners. that is all.

Jenny Owen Youngs - Last Person

alex on March 04 2010

damn, chris beat me to the punch with posting Peasant, they must be fuckin awesome if we both scramble to post their music. in other news: the lyrics - you're thinking maybe if you're lucky life is like T-Rex and stillness will sweep you away to where its safe - fucking

Peasant - Well Alright

christopher on March 03 2010

About to send out 4 packages. 2 to Stockholm, 1 to Hamburg, and 1 to South Africa. What do you think, maybe i can just ask the post office to cut off my left pointer finger in trade for postage.

Dan Auerbach - Goin Home

christopher on March 03 2010

Sitting at home folding laundry, drinking a beer, watching Ken Burns' The Civil War. Real life. I hope one day instances from my life are told in the voice of Garrison Keillor.

Rogue Wave - Miami, Miami

alex on March 03 2010

dear rogue wave, hello old friends, i know times have been rough but were here to support your awesome new album. but i swear to all that is good and holy if you EVER wait that long to release an album i will hunt you down and force you to watch every episode of M*A*S*H ever made. love, alex.

Polar Bear - Bap Bap Bap

alex on March 02 2010

Anyone in the mood for some awesome jazz? Im getting sick and my head feels like its going to implode in on itself, which means I cant think of anything funny to write. So Ill leave you with a mental image of a dolphin in a astronaut suit riding a hippo with wooden pegs for feet.

Apples in Stereo - Dance Floor

alex on March 01 2010

Spring cant come soon enough, I want sweaty dance floors and humid loft parties ASAP. March is always my favorite month, probably because im a pisces.