Rogue Wave - Miami, Miami

alex on March 03 2010

dear rogue wave, hello old friends, i know times have been rough but were here to support your awesome new album. but i swear to all that is good and holy if you EVER wait that long to release an album i will hunt you down and force you to watch every episode of M*A*S*H ever made. love, alex.

Polar Bear - Bap Bap Bap

alex on March 02 2010

Anyone in the mood for some awesome jazz? Im getting sick and my head feels like its going to implode in on itself, which means I cant think of anything funny to write. So Ill leave you with a mental image of a dolphin in a astronaut suit riding a hippo with wooden pegs for feet.

Apples in Stereo - Dance Floor

alex on March 01 2010

Spring cant come soon enough, I want sweaty dance floors and humid loft parties ASAP. March is always my favorite month, probably because im a pisces.

Born Ruffians - Sole Brother

christopher on March 01 2010

New Born Ruffians is about to come out, which is exciting. I was a giant fan of Red, Yellow and Blue which came out a couple years ago. Wow! jsut relistened to that album. That is good from start to finish like woah.

Totally Nebular - Green Tops

chris on March 01 2010

In small doses, I am a fan of Totally Nebular. I get a kick out of when people go all out for their singing voices, really getting into it. It sounds like this would be a sweaty entertaining live show.

New Pornographers - Your Hands (Together)

alex on February 25 2010

Seriously... what the fuck is falling out of the sky in New York? is this the elusive wintery mix i've heard so much about? whatever it is, its like walking in 2 inches of diarrhea. p.s. 600th post.

She and Him - Thieves

chris on February 25 2010

Thanks for posting my song you punk, stole it right out from under me knickers. New York is a shloppy mess right now.

Broken Social Scene - World Sick

alex on February 23 2010

How bout some new Broken Social Scene? Yep, thats right. Breathe it in. ... ok you can exhale, i shouldnt have to tell you to exhale, youre old enough to know how to breathe on your own.

Dios - State At The Wheel

alex on February 22 2010

I wonder when media temple will notice that were way over our capacity limit and turn off the site? we'll just cross that bridge when we get there, eh? Had a great time on Friday, thanks to everyone who came out and supported Remember Paper.

Sunglasses - Referee

Christopher on February 22 2010

WaPOW, Savannah Georgia coming out of nowhere with the knockout fucking punch. Homestate says get some. It's about time something came out of there besides hiphop and jam bands.