Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

alex on September 10 2012

Space jam - the song.

Levek - French Lessons

alex on September 06 2012

One question I always struggle with internally is whether to put peanut butter or jelly on the sandwich first. Regardless of your choice one of the jars is going to end up with a foreign spread. Unless youre an asshole and youre using two knives to make a PBJ. Don't even get me started on the squeezable shit.

Lescop - La Foret

chris on September 06 2012

When your computer screen gives you headaches and eye twitches, and your mouse and keyboard give you carpal tunnel... I think it's about time to switch things up a bit.

Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr. Quiche

alex on September 05 2012

Welp... this band is good. I'm really digging the fact they have all their songs open to download on Soundcloud - it says a lot about a band who lets you have their music without asking anything in return. However in return as the listener it makes me more inclined to give them money for other things such as shows or merch. - jus' sayin!

Sr. Sly - Ghost

alex on September 04 2012

The music blogs are a'buzzin over mystery band Sr. Sly. Who could they possibly be?!! To tell you the truth I could give two fucking shits.

Dan Deacon - True Thrush

chris on September 04 2012

My right eye has been twitching for about 2 solid weeks. I'm very close to shoving a pen in there.

Sam Flax - Child of Glass

chris on September 04 2012

Machine gun hand clap.

Hybrid - Break My Soul

alex on August 30 2012

Did someone order a mind blowing track? Coming right up! (I cant remember the last time I used a exclamation point in one of my blurbs (never mind.. august 9 (why I wouldn't just press backspace right now is completely beyond me but lets go with it.))) I used to rock Hybrid hard back in my raver days (yes I had raver days (yes I'm still using these fucking parentheses (yes I enjoy crisp outdoor air))).

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Baby

chris on August 30 2012

This entire album is a bit wacky for my tastes, but there are a few stunners. This track is the anchor. It kind of soothes you after you've woken up from a fever dream.

Delicate Steve - Wally Wilder

chris on August 29 2012

I had a dream I was a private detective investigating a string of murders in the swampy south. Needless to say it was hard to get back in the groove of things today. That was a rude awakening. Hey Chris.... or should I say hey Mr. Borington.