TV on the Radio - Crying

chris on January 15 2008

People have been raving about this album for a grip now, and let me tell you one thing. I would be happy with the album if it just had this song repeated 11 times. That guitar makes me super happy.

Army Navy - Get Right Back(Where We Started From)

alex on January 15 2008

i'm sick, i have 2 meetings today - one of which is going on as i post this. send soup.

Built To Spill - Made Up Dreams

alex on January 14 2008

Its cold outside, im not in a good mood, built to spill is rocking me. Here's a quote a librarian found inside a book in a prison library(god my grammar sucks) - No matter how high or old the wall may be Life still finds a way to make something ugly Breathtaking.

Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

chris on January 14 2008

I saw these dudes at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, and man o man then rocked for over three hours. 2002 doesnt seem that long ago, but.... woah. I think I am getting old.

Zero 7 - Today

alex on January 13 2008

Acoustic Zero 7, now that's what im talkin bout! My man Jose Gonzalez on the vocals does it up right. So uh its supposed to be 8 degrees on friday, im gonna need someone to kidnap me so i dont have to goto work.

Duffy - Syrup and Honey

chris on January 13 2008

This is what I call soul ladies and gentlemen. Lady bird's got pipes.

Starfucker - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

chris on January 13 2008

JUST WANNA, JUST WANNA! Oh those crazy girls. Hey Starfucker, wanna have a sleepover? We could tell ghost stories and make smores. Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssse. My mom said is was cool, I promise.

Nickel Eye - Brandy of the Damnded

chris on January 12 2008

Yeah, thanks South Korea for being #1 and I am glad you can read English. How does that even happen by the way?

Tom Vek - C- C- You Set The Fire In Me

alex on January 12 2008

Im with chris on the bon iver shit, I cant listen to that album in public- last time I tried to listen to flume on the train I almost burst out in tears like a little baby who's pooping for the first time and has no idea what's going on with their body. In other news: good show over the weekend, thanks to everyone who came out and supported those jerks at left as rain. I have a really exciting party planned for the first warm week of the year, just marinate on that for now but this is going to be huge. In other other news: South Korea just surpassed the US in hits to left as rain, I guess I know where chris and I should go on our international tour.

Bon Iver - Flume

chris on January 12 2008

I put this album on hiatus. It was just too amazingly depressing, and I listened myself into a black hole. I never listen to this album with others around. The new album, Blood Bank, drops on the 20th. Cross your fingers.