Bon Iver - Flume

chris on January 12 2008

I put this album on hiatus. It was just too amazingly depressing, and I listened myself into a black hole. I never listen to this album with others around. The new album, Blood Bank, drops on the 20th. Cross your fingers.

X.O. - Grind Baby

alex on January 09 2008

duck duck, tomorrow, be there. 10pm. Lets make this one a big one, eh?

The Walkmen - In The New Year

chris on January 09 2008

Just to reiterate, we will be playing at DuckDuck tomorrow for the first time this year. So here is The New Year by the Walkmen in case you could not read above.

NewVillager - Rich Doors

chris on January 08 2008

YES! Brooklyn, I knew you had it in you. Brooklyn is gonna make a comeback in 2009. So Duck Duck on Saturday. Oh and congrats South Korea, I had no idea. Alex never tells me anything.

Zoot Woman - Hope in the Mirror

alex on January 08 2008

There's no hope in dope kids. In other news: duck duck this saturday - 10pm, be there.

Mazarin - Louise

alex on January 07 2008

Chris forgot to mention that you can hang out with us at duck duck on Saturday anytime after 10. Ill give you the run down of what will be there- Booze, Chris, Booze, Alex, Booze, Loud Music, Booze, Dru serving Booze, a good time, and Booze.

Good Old War - Coney Island

chris on January 07 2008

I never up-post, but this song really set me straight today. Reminds me why I love and hate it here.

Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Golden Age(live)

alex on January 06 2008

Moment of silence for the inventor of the hawaiian shirt who recently passed away. Moment of silence over, rock the fuck out. Snowflakes are currently gently colliding with new york's side walks and roof tops. Moment of poetic truth over, rock the fuck out. Left as rain at duck duck on saturday, Who's comin with me!? Moment of advertisement over, rock the fuck out. I'd personally like to welcome all the South Korean listeners who've currently popped up on left as rain, you have succesfully blown france out of the water making you the number two country for most visits to left as rain, rock on folks. Moment of welcoming over, rock the fuck out.

Human Highway - The Sound

chris on January 06 2008

Have you ever woken up during the night so sweaty you had to towel dry yourself. Yeah, try three times last night. I think there may be something wrong with me considering it was 60 degrees in my bedroom. Oh wait, those knives in my chest may have something to do with it too.

Department Of Eagles - No One Does It Like You do.

chris on January 06 2008

Does what? The sex?