Sunset Rubdown - Silver Moons

chris on May 28 2009

pretty epic janx

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

alex on May 27 2009

uplifting hump day song. feeeeeelin it.

Gomez - Airstream Driver

chris on May 26 2009

Gomez are one of those bands that you appreciate for being remarkable musicians, but you just can't really get into it. I used to listen to their early stuff in highschool, Liquid Skin.

Heartsrevolution - (something in a language i cant read)

alex on May 26 2009

so yeah, awesome long weekend, im still recovering. kitsune maison 7 is released. go buy it, support these mixes. if you dont, youre a jerk. youre not a jerk are you?

Camera Obscura - Honey In The Sun

christoph on May 26 2009

I think every weekend should be Memorial Day weekend. Love her voice, bit of a Belle and Sebastian vibe.

White Rabbits - Percussion Gun

alex chops mejias on May 22 2009


Parlovr - Pen To The Paper

William Christopher Thomas on May 22 2009

You know what work, why don't you shove it up your ass cause I'm fucking outta here. Making tracks so hit me on my beepa.

Luke Temple - Fangala

alex on May 20 2009

this shit is GOOD, and by good i mean AWESOME, and by awesome i mean FUCKING TURN UP THE VOLUME.

The National - Tall Saint

christopher on May 20 2009

Life lesson # 217 - You think you have a grasp on it?... Yeah... Really... Wrong.

Pterodactyl - December

christopher on May 20 2009

Brooklyn via Ohio. If you can spell their name off the dome I will give you a shiny quarter.