Luke Temple - Fangala

alex on May 20 2009

this shit is GOOD, and by good i mean AWESOME, and by awesome i mean FUCKING TURN UP THE VOLUME.

The National - Tall Saint

christopher on May 20 2009

Life lesson # 217 - You think you have a grasp on it?... Yeah... Really... Wrong.

Pterodactyl - December

christopher on May 20 2009

Brooklyn via Ohio. If you can spell their name off the dome I will give you a shiny quarter.

What Made Milwaukee Famous - Sultan

christopher on May 19 2009

contrary to popular belief, alex is not not retarded.

Dirty Projectors - Hyperballad

alex on May 19 2009

contrary to popular belief i am not actually a fire breathing dragon. i just wanted to get that straightened right here and now. additionally, this entire bjork tribute album is available on stereo gum.

Buildings Breeding - Brights of My Eyes

chris on May 19 2009

come on loves, lets lift up the spirits. Buildings Breeding are my new favorite, and sooo effing difficult to get ahold of. I fucking bought this jazz.

Jeremy Enigk - Mind Idea

alex on May 18 2009

love sunny day real estate. love jeremy enigk. this album is pretty solid, gloomy day shit.

Handsome Furs - Radio Kaliningrad

chris on May 18 2009

you me dancefloor now. shaking of all the legs.

Wilco - Wilco The Song

alex on May 15 2009

worst hangover. ever.

Dr. Dog - The Breeze

chris on May 15 2009

Repost of one of my favorites. Are there dark parts to your mind, hidden secrets left behind? Where no one ever goes, but everybody knows.