Small Black - Moon Killer

Alex on July 22 2013

Solid track from a solid band. I always know what to expect when I listen to a Small Black song and for whatever reason - that's very comforting to me. Which is the exact opposite feeling of not having any A/C in your 9th floor apartment, because that's currently what I'm experiencing and.. its too hot to write a joke about it.

Darondo - Didn't I

chris on July 22 2013

You know a guy's BO is bad when you pass him at 15 mph on a bike and it nearly knocks you out cold. Solid weekend, back to the grind. Let's start this puppy off slow.

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Hemsworth Remix)

Alex on July 20 2013

I'm back. It's not easy returning to a balmy 100 degree Brooklyn and an apartment with broken A/C after a week at the beach. We must go back (in my best Jack from Lost impersonation). I've always had trouble with impersonations, no matter what language or origin I'm trying to imitate I pretty much 90% of the time sound like a drunk American person pretending to be a drunk British person.

Army Navy - Crushed Like the Car

chris on July 18 2013

I was just sitting next to someone who fell asleep in a meeting. The president of the company looked at him with a shaking head. Sucks to be him.

Twerps - Work It Out

chris on July 17 2013

Follow up PSA. Get off your phones and put down your cameras during live concerts. In other words... Get your head out of your ass.

AM and Shawn Lee - All the Love In Your Life

chris on July 15 2013

Shawn Lee is deep in the music game. He is the music equivalent of one of those kung-fu gurus that live in the mountains that you train with for years to be the best of the best of the best.

Phantom Planet - California

chris on July 12 2013

When the internet gives you lemons, you throw those lemons back in it's face and say fuck your nasty ass lemons, I'll use my own tastier lemons. So here is a track from Phantom Planet's 2003 album The Guest... and yes that's Jason Schwartzman on drums. But get over it, they are amazing besides that fact that Jason is amazing. So I'll be behind the wheel over here at Left As Rain Headquarters for the next week. So buckle up.

Mood Rings - The Line

alex on July 11 2013

Well folks - I'm checking out for a week. Heading to the beach with the family to soak up some sun, waves, and children crying. Chris - man the helm.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ffunny Ffrends

chris on July 09 2013

I want to kill that geico gecco. It's not funny anymore, so just stop it.

Beck - I Wont Be Long

Alex on July 09 2013

Beck? Relevant again? While a huge departure from the Beck we're all accustomed to I have to say this new direction is rock solid. I remember the first time I saw Beck perform - It was 1997, I was at the HFStival waiting for the Prodigy to come on and fire start. Beck comes on and just cries his little weird heart out during his set, as a 14 year old stoned boy I just had so many questions. Now that I'm a grown 30 year old stoned adult... I still have so many questions.