Sky Ferreira - You're Not the One

Alex on November 22 2013

Today I found myself sitting pretty much alone on the New York City subway. My train stops at Union Square and from the corner of my eye I see what appear to be a walking laundry hamper board the train. A homeless gentleman shuffles on to the train, in tow were his 27 blankets carried as if he was a 3 year old - just mopping up every bit of filth the subway floor has to offer. Of course our homeless friend decided to sit right next to me. He sits and gathers up his blanket entourage into his lap. I somewhat politely cover my nose and prepare for the oncoming assault on my nasal passages. I pictured the worst - something along the lines of old moldy cheeseburgers soaked in piss on top of goat carcasses stored in the back of a 78 year old shed which hasn't been opened in the last 50. Time passes - I need to breath normally ASAP to avoid passing out. Now I know what you're thinking "WTF Alex? Just move seats." What you listeners don't know about me is the fact that I have serious bouts of masochism and was almost excited at the thought of how putrid this human being was going to smell and how much it was going to suck. I breathed in .. and I shit you listeners not .. this dude smelled like CEDAR AND MOTHER FUCKING LAVENDER. It was like a Febreze commercial. I took a deep breath and questioned every decision and thought I've made for the last 30 years.

Dr. Dog - Phenomenon

Alex on November 21 2013

Doc Dog never disappoints me. Where are the music awards for this stuff? These guys deserve some sort of accolade for how incredibly consistent they are with their sound. And perhaps an award for how incredibly good their music sounds inside my ears. Maybe my brain deserves an awards for processing the sound to such an awesome degree. While we're over here giving out awards my dog is pretty cool, she should probably get one too. Dr Dog + Alex's dog award ceremony tonight at my apartment - no one's invited.

Jeremy Jay - Covered in Ivy

chris on November 21 2013

Jeremy comes out of the gate strong with an unmistakable Duran Duran eeriness.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Carry Me

Alex on November 19 2013

Some bands are just unmistakably English.

Wymond Miles - Anniversary Song

chris on November 19 2013

If you listen to an album released by Sacred Bones, there's about an 87% chance that it's gonna to be solid gold. This is a prime example.

Speedy Ortiz - Silver Spring

chris on November 19 2013

The Burbs is playing at BAM in Brooklyn tonight. Tom Hanks was so good in this period of his career. Examples: Joe Versus the Volcano, Dragnet, Big, and Turner and Hooch. COME ON! See. You. There.

Letters to Fiesta - Stay Young

alex on November 15 2013

Friday is a 2 cups of a coffee type of morning. That's been a consistent ritual for the past few months. You know how it goes - wake up - french press a giant vat of brew darker than lucifer's soul - drink 2 giant cups - proceed to have a panic attack for 3 hours. Pretty standard, really. Thanks, Alex.

The Hunt - Fifteen Minutes

chris on November 14 2013

All hail post punk. I've never been a punk type of dude. You can have your Screeching Weasel and Rancid. I'll just be over here listening to mindblowing protopunk and post punk.

Generationals - Lucky Numbers

chris on November 13 2013

Dude, I need a time machine. Any news on flux capacitor development?

Saint Motel - Ace In The Hole

Alex on November 13 2013

My favorite Hemlock Grove band returns with a new single. I always feel so guilty listening to bands this poppy - I guess you could say its a guilty pleasure. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go thaw my face.