The Hunt - Fifteen Minutes

chris on November 14 2013

All hail post punk. I've never been a punk type of dude. You can have your Screeching Weasel and Rancid. I'll just be over here listening to mindblowing protopunk and post punk.

Generationals - Lucky Numbers

chris on November 13 2013

Dude, I need a time machine. Any news on flux capacitor development?

Saint Motel - Ace In The Hole

Alex on November 13 2013

My favorite Hemlock Grove band returns with a new single. I always feel so guilty listening to bands this poppy - I guess you could say its a guilty pleasure. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go thaw my face.

Speedy Ortiz - No Below

chris on November 12 2013

new girl crush on Sadie Dupuis, lead singer and guitarist of Speedy Ortiz. Thank you for making music that sounds like my favorite type of music. Oh, and bravo on one of the best slow builds ever.

Tennis - Mean Streets

Alex on November 11 2013

A perfect track to kick off this cold Monday morning. No jokes here, folks... just cold bitter reluctance to kick this week off.

R3set - Pyramid

Alex on November 08 2013

Sitting in Calexico enjoying some solid carne asada tacos with a side of crack sauce when the man next to me orders what could possibly be the most unsatisfying meal possible - "One tofu asada taco please." I know a lot of vegetarians and vegans personally who also listen to this site so I pose this questions to them... Why the fuck do all the veggie products have to have some quirky retarded meat affiliation - tofurky? soysage?! Regardless... bacon4lyfe.

Panama - Destroyer

chris on November 08 2013

See Prince Avalanche. Not only because the acting is brilliant and the story is touching, but because the soundtrack is scored by Explosions in the Sky. Nuff said.

Toro Y Moi - So Many Details (Remix feat. Hodgy Beats)

chris on November 07 2013

The occasional hip hop track wont hurt yah 4 dah lud a gah. Should I write all my posts like that? Yeah? Coolz.

Son Lux - No Crimes

Alex on November 06 2013

So this album happened and blew my fucking mind... but more importantly I experienced what could possibly the most first world problem. Last night I had an internal debate over whether to order the shittier Chinese food which comes with a fortune cookie or the better tasting Chinese food which comes sans cardboard destiny treat. After much internal deliberation the better tasting Chinese food prevailed. Now I'm left here with great chicken and fried rice but no future.

Midlake - Antiphon

chris on November 05 2013

I walked along with my head down, meandering through the humdrum of daily existence. Then I heard something... Something calling from the distance. It was Midlake, and now all is well with the world.