Sea Wolf - Wicked Blood

alex on December 16 2009

I'm fairly certain Sea Wolf was one of the very first artists I posted back when LAR was just a little baby, ol' version 1.0 which went the way of the buffalo over a year ago. I have a weird connection with Sea Wolf, not sure what it is, maybe theyre all pisces?

Yeasayer - ONE

christopher on December 16 2009

This is off the Yeasayer album that will release early next year. Quite a different vibe from the previous album, but it holds water. I am still trying to get used to it. They are talented, no doubt about it.

Midlake - Acts of Man

christopher on December 16 2009

Not in some time has a band been able to spin such a tale coupled with timeless instrumentalism, behold the legendary Midlake. I know music is unmatched when it makes me want to pack a bag and depart on a journey leaving my current life behind. This upcoming album is what I have been waiting for.

Lake - Bad Dream

christopher on December 15 2009

I can't think of anything to write cause im watching I'm Gonna Get You Sucka. Very distracting.

Middle Distance Runner - Holiday (Be Good To Me)

alex on December 14 2009

From our friends at Middle Distance Runner, awesome track guys.

Explosions in the Sky - A Song for Our Fathers

chris on December 14 2009

Some songs make you think, and some help you think. This does the latter and is track 8 on my soundtrack of life, working up to the climax.

Sleighbells - Ring Ring

chris on December 13 2009

I just exploded a glass in my hand with my thoughts, so watch the fuck out. Consider me a superhero/supervillain. Im on the fence weather to use my powers for good or for personal gain.

Crystal Antlers - Andrew

chris on December 13 2009

Today was a bleak one in New York City. This band is from sunny California. Hella rad cali tunes bra.

Fredrik - Vinterbarn

alex on December 11 2009

lets get famous.

Rogue Wave - Eyes

alex on December 11 2009

Oh my beloved Rogue Wave, your new album comes out march 2010. Not soon enough. Hands down one of my favorite bands.