Sales - Getting It On

Alex on October 07 2014

Apparently Orlando has a music scene? Between Sales and xXpriestXx I'm really starting to vibe with this Post Mickey Synth Wilderness Lodge Mod Pop music genre.

Gardens and Villa - Bullet Train

chris on October 07 2014

The new Gee & Vee EP is available for free download on their site, so get that shit. Fun Fact: it's produced by DFA's Tim Goldsworthy - UNKLE, The Rapture and Cut Copy - so expect a different sound.

The Weeknd - King of the Fall

chris on October 03 2014

Let's set this mother fucker off with this aptly named artist for a Friday track. If you need me, I'll be on a lightning strike mission to Cleveland to acquire some printing equipment that's going to change my life. If you can make your hobby your job, you've figured it out.

The War on Drugs - Eyes to the Wind

chris on October 01 2014

I'm just a bit run down here at the moment.

TOPS - Way to be Loved

Alex on September 29 2014

I've smoked maybe 10 cigarettes in my life. Something about this track makes me feel like I should be riding in a pink convertible Cadillac smoking Newports.

Generationals - Black Lemons

chris on September 24 2014

Want to hear something you young folks wont understand?... MOM! GET OFF THE PHONE!

Anthems - Up In Mine

Alex on September 24 2014

If I could go back in time and change one historical event it would be pulling Paul Walker from that burning Porsche -- there. I said it.

Yellerkin - Tools

chris on September 24 2014

New York Mother Fuckin' City!

Alvvays - Marry Me Archie

Alex on September 20 2014

The 90s are alive and well with this band -- now please excuse while I go put on my favorite plaid shirt and smoke a cigarette behind a church. Later on I plan on tying the plaid shirt around my waist, even if it's freezing - looking cool has it's tolls and apparently one of them is hypothermia.

DATAstream - Star Racer

chris on September 18 2014

Greetings from the future scape of Space 1986, which is much more spacey than our 1986. Ours just had a lot of leg warmers and spandex.