DATAstream - Star Racer

chris on September 18 2014

Greetings from the future scape of Space 1986, which is much more spacey than our 1986. Ours just had a lot of leg warmers and spandex.


chris on September 18 2014

In my head it's already Friday. It's ON!

The Juan MacLean - You Were A Runaway

chris on September 17 2014

Lemme break you off with another track off this recently released bad ass album. For some reason I hear elements of Fleetwood Mac in the early parts of this song. It has a similar progression to Little Lies. The entire album is a neue disco banger.

Vesuvio Solo - Don't Ask, Don't Tell

chris on September 16 2014

Just when you think you are down and out, and there is no good music left in the world. This mother effer comes along and flips your world upside down. Oh, and don't get me started on the fucking Pink Floyd style guitar shredding that swoops in from out of nowhere. Vesuvio Solo just moved the goalposts. Checkmate.

Francis Lung - Age Limits

chris on September 16 2014

Francis Lung, former bassist of defunct band Wu Lyf, is doing his thang y'all! This haunting track begs to be listened to on repeat and in it's upbeat moments, has a ring of Arcade Fire mixed with MGMT...but boiled down. Good sound brother.

Connan Mockasin - Caramel

chris on September 16 2014

Heres a sexy moody track for a sexy dreary day.

Ariel Pink - Put Your Number In My Phone

Alex on September 15 2014

In addition to the good music department - Ariel pink is not lacking in the humor department. Furthermore I wont be satisfied until I write department one more time because honestly it makes me feel really official - like I'm doing normal people office work. Senior VP of the Music Blogging Department signing out.

Atlas Sound - Doctor (Five Discs Cover)

Alex on September 11 2014

It's impossible not to like this song. You know who doesn't like this song - the fucking nazis... and probably Newt Gingrich.

Midlake - Balloon Maker

chris on September 11 2014

TBT. Here is the absolutely wonderful track Balloon Maker off Midlake's first album from 2004, Bamnan and Slivercork. This rivals any indie music at the time, and to me holds up the greats like Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement. Midlake is one of those lifer bands to me. One that you can't wait to play for your son 15 years from now, hoping that it shapes him the way it shaped you.

Drug Cabin - Jesus

chris on September 10 2014

Marcus Congleton from Ambulance LTD, has returned. Here he is with Nathan Thelen from Pretty Girls Make Graves in their collaboration called Drug Cabin. The whole album is pretty damn good. Welcome back brother, we've missed you.