Redinho x Touch Sensitive - Playing with Fire

chris on February 19 2015

Humanity is just a micron on a spec of shit hurtling through infinite darkness, so next time you go to work think of that. That will put that status report that you owe your boss by the end of the week in perspective. Life's a bitch, then you die. So enjoy yourself a little bit.

Tomas Barfod - November Skies (Jerome LOL Remix)

alex on February 18 2015

Caught this on which was formerly known as Hipster Runoff. It's still not totally clear if this guy is sane but I do enjoy some of the music he leads to me so he can't be that bad of a guy. You're okay with me Carles.

The Juan Maclean - Running Back

chris on February 11 2015

Oh yeah, how could I forget about this stone cold motherfucking groove. This is cooler than the otherside of the pillow. If this song was a highschooler, you'd never get invited to her party's when her mom went out of town and her step-dad Larry let her do whatever she wanted. As if!

Elvis Depressedly - Weird Honey

alex on February 10 2015

Sometimes a song, or in this case a whole album, just says we like to do drugs -- and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Elvis Depressedly, no one is judging you here (that's probably a lie, more so an untruth).

Drug Cabin - Stoner

chris on February 09 2015

Man, this sound is such a time machine for me. It flashes me right back to when I first moved to Brooklyn in 2006, living in squalor and surviving off rice and beans and Ballantine 40s. No AC during the day and sneaking into live shows at night without a care in the world.

The Long Winters - The Commander Thinks Aloud

Alex on February 04 2015

Believe it or not but our current playlist excludes all the songs from our first version of Left as Rain -- about 550 song. Yesterday I was reminded of an old friend of a band, The Long Winters, whom had an all star of a track (Fire Island, AK) on our first iteration of the site. Now that we're reacquainted with The Long Winters do yourself a favor and listen to their Song Exploder regarding this track.

Todd Terje - Preben Goes To Alcapulco (Prins Thomas Remix)

chris on February 03 2015

And here's the next addition to my next movie soundtrack. It's most like from the scene where I'm spying on an Italian bombshell undercover agent named Rossella, onlooking through the palm fronds on the Riviera. This seductress thinks she has my number, but oh no, I have hers. Also, go check out the rest of this guys album art. It's heavily influenced by illustrations of the 50s, and therefor amazing.

Kindness - Ainsi Soit

chris on February 03 2015

Adam Bainbridge is such a great musician. His music feels so inspired and from the heart that I may just cry a little cry. And watch out ladies, he's got long hair, writes his own music, has a British accent and speaks French apparently. Fuck, we may have to take this bastard down.

Dreamers - Wolves

Alex on January 29 2015

I've finally emerged from the bathroom. I've had a stomach flu for the last 2 days. There were periods where death was most certainly imminent but I have triumphed over the nasty illness. I wish this sickness upon no one- not even my worst enemy... not even Sarah Palin.

Lohaus - White Feathers

chris on January 22 2015

I haven't just been ignoring you, it's been dry out there people. Dryer than a nun's C word as they say. I decided to take a stand and not post anymore throwbacks until I discovered new music, AND BEHOLD! I've found some new amazing music... that I know absolutely nothing about... except that my ear holes are like, "fuck yeah dude!"