Kindness - Ainsi Soit

chris on February 03 2015

Adam Bainbridge is such a great musician. His music feels so inspired and from the heart that I may just cry a little cry. And watch out ladies, he's got long hair, writes his own music, has a British accent and speaks French apparently. Fuck, we may have to take this bastard down.

Dreamers - Wolves

Alex on January 29 2015

I've finally emerged from the bathroom. I've had a stomach flu for the last 2 days. There were periods where death was most certainly imminent but I have triumphed over the nasty illness. I wish this sickness upon no one- not even my worst enemy... not even Sarah Palin.

Lohaus - White Feathers

chris on January 22 2015

I haven't just been ignoring you, it's been dry out there people. Dryer than a nun's C word as they say. I decided to take a stand and not post anymore throwbacks until I discovered new music, AND BEHOLD! I've found some new amazing music... that I know absolutely nothing about... except that my ear holes are like, "fuck yeah dude!"

Viet Cong - Silhouettes

Alex on January 22 2015

When I first heard this track I thought to myself - Well I guess we know what Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown) has been up to. To my surprise Viet Cong is a Calgary band with ex-members from the group Women. So now we know, and now you know if you like Wolf Parade or Sunset Rubdown you'll most likely dig Viet Cong - you may not, but then again you also don't like Twizzlers -- and that's just odd.

Eastern Midwestern - Colorado

Alex on January 16 2015

Two Syllable Records passed over Eastern Midwestern's latest and I must admit - it's gold. The band worked with Jon Low who's produced for Local Natives, War on Drugs, and The National. Low's influence is all too obvious on most of the album which for me is fantastic -- the more we can get music to sound like Tokyo Police Club circa 2006-2007 the better.

Eastern Midwestern's ... wait... can we acronym this some how? E MWs? East Mids? I'm spent. Nothing will make you feel more like a 16 year old high school girl than trying to figure out a good acronym for an indie pop band... Anyways check out EasMidWest's (no?) album on Bandcamp.

Chela - Handful of Gold

Alex on January 13 2015

And the award for the catchiest track I've heard in 2015 but came out in 2014 goes to Chela's Handful of Gold. This track is so infectious my virus scanner tried to delete it. HEY-O DAD JOKES AS RAIN!

Brian Slade - The Ballad of Maxwell Demon

chris on January 09 2015

This track was written for the 1998 movie, Velvet Goldmine, which fictitiously chronicles the rise of 70s glam rock. Think Bowie, or even more specifically, Ziggy Stardust. First off, this movie is amazing. Second of all, the soundtrack and score is absolutely fantastic. Pulp and Grant Lee Buffalo actually wrote new tracks in the style of glam songs of that era, which are performed by the leading characters of the movie. Fun fact: Bowie hated the script, so he denied the director the use of any of his tracks in the film. Drugs, Rock'n'roll and the search for sexual identity.

Daftside - Beyond

chris on January 09 2015

This would be from Darkside's mashup with Daftpunk from last year. Good and evil thrust together. Jesus and the Devil, rolling around in the sack making powerful and dangerous babies. This is kind of like Batman... Good with just the right amount of bad.

The Ocean Party - Head Down

Alex on January 08 2015

When you're really jonesing for some solid Real Estate but it's not accessible you can always reach for the poor man's Real Estate -- The Ocean Party. I really do mean that in the most endearing way possible; The Ocean Party's album has some great brass and is absolutely worth checking. There's always room for more bands whom sound like Real Estate - especially when they're half a world away in Australia. I bet they had some crazy spider, snake, and croc experiences while recording this album -- word on the street is their drummer lost a pinky. You know how hard it is to drum without a pinky?! ...and really that's where The Ocean Party shines - perseverance in a outback filled with shit I never want within a 10 foot radius of me.

Vesuvio Solo - 18th Parallel

chris on January 08 2015

Sometimes this city gets to me. I saw a guy on the elevated train platform today leaning against the wall trying to look all deboniar. He was wearing a fucking jean jacket. It's 16 degrees out with a wind chill of minus 12. That's pretty much the definition of arctic buddy boy, so don't even play like you aren't stuck to that wall like a fucking popsicle. When it reaches a certain point, you don't look cool, you look like a huge big fat moron.