Poolside - Do You Believe

chris on September 04 2014

Something doesn't have to be sophisticated or complex to be good. It can just be cool. This is why I love the movie Drive. It just feels right, much like this album.

o s c a r - Open Up

Chris on September 04 2014

Post Punk New Wave Brit Pop Underground Norm Core Party Gaze. That about sums it up.

The Juan MacLean - A Simple Design

chris on September 02 2014

New Juan MacLean's new album is out September 16th. And this is a white hot hit.

Basenji - Heirloom

chris on August 29 2014

It's friday, so let's do a Three Six Mafia and TEAR DA CLUB UP! TEAR DA CLUB UP! TEAR DA CLUB UP!

The Antlers - Hotel

chris on August 28 2014

This song déjà vu'd me real good. I still maintain that this is a cover. I have no proof, but I am confident.

San Fermin - Sonsick

Alex on August 27 2014

When I'm feeling rather triumphant I sing this song while driving - loudly. I have no clue what the lyrics are but they're pretty easy to mumble.

Bronchos - Try Me Out Sometime

chris on August 27 2014

This banger is from the marvelously titled album, Can't Get Past The Lips. Catch these barn burners at Baby's Alright in BK next month.

Porches - Townie Blunt Guts

chris on August 26 2014

Blunt guts can really stink up a house. You come over here, roll a blunt, and just leave the guts sitting next to the couch in a plastic bag. C'mon.

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Warning

Alex on August 26 2014

A classic band returns with an even classier album. Cymbals Eat Guitars takes me back to my roots. Back when I used to bleach my hair, watch Dragonball Z, DJ the occasional underground rave, listen to MXPX, drop acid, and drive my riced out Acura like an asshole...come to think of it - 31 year old me hates 16 year old me.

Royksopp and Robyn - Monument (kindness remix feat Busiswa)

chris on August 25 2014

You know when you hit your head really unexpectedly. What the fuck was that! This song did that to me in a totally amazing way. I was very much misled by the name Robyn up there. Busiswa and Kindness fucking slayed this track.