Plants and Animals - Control Me

chris on April 03 2012

Have you heard of that new artist S.Mouse? Slap your elbows!

Jai Paul - Jasmine

alex on April 02 2012

just Jai Paul killing it as usual.

Air Drops - Jejune

chris on March 30 2012

And then Chris looked down upon his people and said, let there be fucking music. Like, for real.

Terry Urban - Lucky Struggle

chris on March 29 2012

Fuck the world homie, everything you do you have to work hard for it.

Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges - Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser

alex on March 29 2012

Off the latest Late Night Tales series mixed by Belle and Sebastian. This track is hot... I mean picante.. I mean caliente.

Dent May - Best Friend

chris on March 29 2012

Came in this morning and someone had put some disturbing porn on my screen for everyone to see and judge me by. I swear im not into 50 year old gay guy foursomes. I SWEAR! Thanks a lot travis.... you dick.

Kindness - That's Alright

alex on March 28 2012

This track makes me want to do the robot.... .....all night long. (alex mejias: making things awkward since 1983)

Vacationer - Everyone Knows

chris on March 27 2012

Speaking of being a vacationer, eff i want to go away. New York is really playing with my emotions right now. I woke up this morning as a popsicle. Thanks to Music that Doesnt Suck for the track.

Rhye - Open

alex on March 26 2012

Dido 2.0

Bleached - Think of You

chris on March 26 2012

Cruisin in my 5.0, got the top down so my hair can blow.