Pixies - Where is My Mind

christopher on April 30 2009

Damn this song makes me want to play drums again. and again. and again. Hey Chris, this is old. FUCK YOU!

Passion Pit - Moth's Wings

Alex on April 30 2009

i just sneezed. and it was fucking awesome. oh hey whats up new passion pit? word on the street is the new album is more low key like this song. now what the fuck am i gonna do at their shows when im hammered drunk? you cant dance like an idiot to this.... or can you?

The Walkmen - Four Provinces

Chris on April 30 2009

I have returned from my long dark journey with quite the perspective on things. It is nice to be back.

Roxy Music - Pyjamarama

Alex on April 29 2009


Black Moth Super Rainbow - Born On A Day The Sun Didnt Rise

Alex on April 28 2009

Let it be known, today is the first day of the year I am wearing shorts. if you see me, look away, or else you will be blinded by the sea of pale white known as my legs.

The Dutchess and The Duke - Out of Time

Christopher on April 27 2009

On the road. And a rocky road at that. I tell you what, I'm tired of hearing that too, Dutchess and Duke.

Hanne Hukkelberg - Blood from a Stone

alex curiosity killed my boner mejias on April 24 2009

Ive had a serious boner for hanne's music for about 2 years now, everything she makes sits so well in my tummy. if i had to bet on it id say shes pretty hot, hold please. ....Welp, at least she has her music goin for her.

Stars - The Ghost Of Genova Heights

chris on April 24 2009

Hah, i completely forgot about that movie.

Discovery - Osaka Loop Line

alex on April 24 2009

They should make a movie where bill cosby gets hit by a bus but then comes back as a ghost to haunt his family. ... oh wait.

Discovery - Orange Shirt

alex on April 24 2009

Well fuck me running, ive waiting for these songs to be mastered and released for FUCKING EVER. it was worth it.