Discovery - Orange Shirt

alex on April 24 2009

Well fuck me running, ive waiting for these songs to be mastered and released for FUCKING EVER. it was worth it.

Buildings Breeding - Storyline

chris on April 21 2009

Sometimes you search for music. Sometimes you search for music and actually find it. But on some rare occasions music finds you.

The Strokes - Under Control

alex on April 21 2009

I really hope I hear The Strokes 30 years from now on a classic rock radio station. thats if radio stations still exist, and the zombie apocalypse hasnt completely consumed planet earth.

Broken Social Scene - Lover's Spit

chris on April 20 2009

Drift on. I think it's time to for me to say goodbye horses.

The Wild Yaks - Rivers May Come

chris on April 20 2009

It's Here on this earth i wanna stay.

Daniel Rossen - Too Little Too Late (Jo Jo Cover)

alex on April 20 2009

this cover of too little too late gives me goosebumps, all of daniel rossens music is so hauntingly beautiful.

Dr. Dog - From

chris on April 20 2009

You know my love, It ain't easy, but it ain't the type to give up and die. That's not my love. Thanks doc.

The Eames Era - Copious

chris on April 17 2009

Talk about copious. The drinks were in excess last night, phew.

Love As Laughter - Crosseyed Beautiful Youngunz

chris on April 16 2009

Just keep going. Keep breathing, keep running, keep drinking, keep kissing, never stop.

Vuk - The Arms Of Spirits

alex on April 16 2009

fuck yes to warm weather. high five mother nature! whats that mother nature?? no i will not let you give me a hand job! ok.. just this once.