Pine Mall - Over My Shoulders

alex on May 23 2012

Awesome album from Pine Mall. There's a link on our twitter to Pine Mall's page, go buy this album and listen to it 10 times straight like I did. I feel like Tommy Boy in the diner scene where he's talking about Jo Jo the Indian circus clown when I find a new album I like.

Ghost Loft - Seconds

chris on May 23 2012

The internet is just full of little gems like this, but mostly full of terrible trash that makes you want to cut your head off. So yeah, just a tiny bit full of good stuff and majorly full of shit. And actual shit if you're into that. No judgements here.

So Many Wizards - Happy Birthday

alex on May 22 2012

Sometimes I feel like the little holes in the fabric of my chair are like a cheese grater to my jeans. ... sometimes I dont feel like that though.

Hooray for Earth - No Love

alex on May 21 2012

I was sick all weekend, thanks a-fucking-lot bacteria.

Miniature Tigers - Female Doctor

chris on May 21 2012

Counting the hours until i can slam a margarita. 3...

Holy Ghost! - Jam For Jerry

chris on May 21 2012

Managed to catch Holy Ghost! at Googa Mooga on Saturday, which was very rad. This song is a tribute to their lost comrade.

Yeasayer - Henrietta

alex on May 17 2012

Dear hot red heads who hear green dresses, you could do nothing more amazing to make me attracted to you. Why you ask? Complimentary colors you say? no. Because you look like Poison Ivy from Batman - I cant think of a better way to a nerd's heart than that.

POLICA - Dark Star

chris on May 15 2012

Double drummer. Mind equaled blown at the private show last night. I've never used that past tense before.

iamamiwhoami - Idle Talk

alex on May 15 2012

some rainy Tuesday music for ya'll - now if you'll excuse me I have to go spend the next 48 hours playing Diablo 3.

Alt J - Breezeblocks

chris on May 14 2012

On a scale of one to exhausted, i'm a fucking million right now. Makes sense if you are more tired than the tiredest person on the world. Does anyone know the mayor of sleepy town, becuase i need to make a house call.