Alt J - Breezeblocks

chris on May 14 2012

On a scale of one to exhausted, i'm a fucking million right now. Makes sense if you are more tired than the tiredest person on the world. Does anyone know the mayor of sleepy town, becuase i need to make a house call.

Kendrick Lamar feat. Dr. Dre - The Recipe

alex on May 10 2012

Sorting through heaps of terrible music I find this gem, I have no one to high five so I'm going to take a hand shake from my dog.

The Temper Trap - Need Your Love (RAC Remix)

alex on May 10 2012

Apparently this dude needs your love. ...and he needs it now.

Electric Guest - Under the gun

chris on May 10 2012

So weird being a land lubber again. I miss that open ocean and seeing hundreds of dolphins and ospreys everyday. sigh. Anyway, this that funky stuff.

Destroyer - English Music

chris on May 09 2012

I'm back baby. I saw 360 miles of southern Coast and it changed me. Gave me a little perspective.

Night Panther - Snudge

alex on May 08 2012

While Chris is off soaking up cosmic rays down south I scour the internet for musical gold. Found a little nugget right here. This track came via our buddy over at This Music Doesn't Suck - Check em out.

Squarepusher - Energy Wizard

alex on May 07 2012

Been waiting for this album for far too long. Welcome back my glitchy friend.

Blood Orange - Forget It (Class Actress Remix)

alex on May 04 2012

Wow that thunderstorm this morning was crazy, I woke up half expecting Manhattan to be in ruins.'s not. Cinco De Derby tomorrow! put on all your fancy... sombreros?

Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

chris on May 02 2012

Thank you Twin Shadow for breaking my slump of non-bangers. Fuck yeah, this makes me want to dance like that internet dance girl that kicks her leg up. Mosh girl, also know as Moshzilla apparently.

Reptar - Orifice Origami

alex on April 30 2012

From the album Body Faucet comes the track Orifice Origama, jokes regarding both those titles are simply too easy so I'll move on. In other news: I moved yesterday, I'm currently surrounded by boxes and swimming in a of sea bubble wrap. It took me an hour and a half to find all my gear to make coffee this morning, naturally the bottom of my french press was packed with my xbox and the top part with my office supplies - makes sense.