Pickin On Series - Crawling (Linkin Park Cover)

alex on April 29 2010

Hey kiddies, were DJing this Saturday in Brooklyn at Duck Duck, the corner of Monstrose Ave and Graham Ave off the Montrose Ave L Train stop. Tunes start at 11, lets boogie.

The National - Conversation 16

alex on April 26 2010

Perfect rainy day music, do yourself a favor and go look up these lyrics - nutty shit. I was affraid id eat your brains - Cause im evil.

Broken Social Scene - Texico Bitches

christopher on April 26 2010

I think this song is pretty damn good. Give me some money cause i'm broke. Those are unrelated thoughts.

Plants And Animals - A L'oree Des Bois

christopher on April 26 2010

Like a child, we get hungry and wrestless and wicked and wild. This is a near perfect album, and they should have a brand new one out which i will make my duty to find this afternoon.

Mason Jennings - The Field

christopher on April 23 2010

You've got some big plans for your nice house, and some good friends, you've got a lot to live for. You've even got health insurance, oh what a bore. But you could have so much more.

Caribou - Kaili

alex on April 22 2010

Well look at you Caribou, i knew i would like this new album but not like this. Coming from a rave background i would absolutely classify this album as trance, which is fucking awesome. Such a cool progression from their last album, i love seeing good bands evolve into great bands.

The Morning Benders - Wet Cement

chris on April 22 2010

What a glorious day to be a landscaper.

Apples in Stereo - No Vacation

alex on April 20 2010

smoke 'em if you got 'em!

Yacht - Psychic City

christopher on April 20 2010

Hello my friends, i have returned from Mexico to my beloved city of Brooklyn. Miss me? no? eff.

Annuals - Loxtep

alex on April 16 2010

well a new annuals EP just recently dropped and its sounding a lot better than Such Fun. i still dont see the band living up to the Be He Me album, it seems like theyre still searching for a solid sound. in other news: yesterday was national high five day, and i for one did not high five anyone or anything. so tonight i will be out looking for just that, high fives and lots of them. *highfive world.