Apples in Stereo - No Vacation

alex on April 20 2010

smoke 'em if you got 'em!

Yacht - Psychic City

christopher on April 20 2010

Hello my friends, i have returned from Mexico to my beloved city of Brooklyn. Miss me? no? eff.

Annuals - Loxtep

alex on April 16 2010

well a new annuals EP just recently dropped and its sounding a lot better than Such Fun. i still dont see the band living up to the Be He Me album, it seems like theyre still searching for a solid sound. in other news: yesterday was national high five day, and i for one did not high five anyone or anything. so tonight i will be out looking for just that, high fives and lots of them. *highfive world.

Ben Folds Five - Selfless, Cold, and Composed

alex on April 14 2010

Pretty tough lyrics, ben folds will always remain a true master of song writing in my mind. if i rub my hands really fast on the dirt does that mean it will get warmer outside quicker?

William Bell - Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday

chris on April 12 2010

I thought this appropriate considering I am heading to mexico tonight. Talk soon.

Primary 1 - The Blues feat. Nina Persson

alex on April 12 2010

hittin close to home.

Jamaica - I Think I Like U 2

alex on April 09 2010

I am posting this at the most absurd hour in the morning i can possibly think of, HOWEVER youre listening to daft punk's sound engineer and xavier from justice so that's a plus.

The Morning Benders - Excuses

christopher on April 09 2010

Everybody trips. Most people fall, but some people turn that trip into a beatiful dance - JM

Jonsi - Around Us

alex on April 07 2010

Jonsi from Sigur Ros drops some new jibberish for us to sing-a-long with. i wore shorts today for the first time this spring, to those who saw me wearing said shorts, i apologize if the paleness of my legs blinded you.

Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

alex on April 05 2010

this album cant come out soon enough. i need to finish up some work then im packing up shop and goin home to VA for a bit, no place like home.