Phantogram - Black Out Days

Alex on October 25 2013

I'd like to propose the idea of a giant space heater to heat all of New York City during the Winter. Who's on board?

Night Panther - Delta

chris on October 25 2013

Night Panther has the good stuff. You know, the right stuff. The stuff that separates the men from the boys.

Mo - Maiden

chris on October 23 2013

apparently this girl is freaking huge now. featuring diplo and approaching half a million plays on soundcloud. Take me with you to stardom because im just spinning my wheels down here.

YACHT - Phychic City (Classixx Remix)

chris on October 21 2013

This song literally made me happy. I wasn't happy and then I heard this. Take note psychiatrists of the world. I have stumbled upon audio prozac.

Mansions on the Moon - It's Not Too Late (ft. Paper Diamond)

Alex on October 18 2013

For fuck's sake iPhone if I wanted to type ducking I'd type ducking. No one in the history of iPhone's has had their typo corrected to ducking. iPhones - correcting explicit rants to be humorous since 2007.

Son Lux - Lost It To Trying

Alex on October 17 2013

Looks like our host, Media Temple, was just bought by internet scum Go Daddy. For those who aren't privy - Go Daddy supported SOPA and PIPA which were essentially monetizing and censoring the internet. So real talk - fuck Go Daddy... they were a shit company even before they showed their ugly side. With that said it's pretty apparent I wont be giving my hosting money to Go Daddy. Seems as good a time as any to do round 6 of left as rain - this time not hosted by the devil.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - A Haunting

chris on October 16 2013

I heard this on Soundcheck last night, and it was gooood. Pretty cohesive sophomore album from the Detroiters.

Blood Orange - Champagne Coast

chris on October 14 2013

I'm sweeeepy. Still feeling the effects of Saturday most likely. It's true kiddies; the older you get the worse your hangovers are. They get brutal.

HAERTS - All the Days

Alex on October 14 2013

I sing this song alone in my office with maximum feeling. "TTOOGEETTTHHHEERRR."

Fol Chen - Boys In The Woods

Alex on October 11 2013

Friday rears its ugly head again and we all have that many less brain cells.