YACHT - Phychic City (Classixx Remix)

chris on October 21 2013

This song literally made me happy. I wasn't happy and then I heard this. Take note psychiatrists of the world. I have stumbled upon audio prozac.

Mansions on the Moon - It's Not Too Late (ft. Paper Diamond)

Alex on October 18 2013

For fuck's sake iPhone if I wanted to type ducking I'd type ducking. No one in the history of iPhone's has had their typo corrected to ducking. iPhones - correcting explicit rants to be humorous since 2007.

Son Lux - Lost It To Trying

Alex on October 17 2013

Looks like our host, Media Temple, was just bought by internet scum Go Daddy. For those who aren't privy - Go Daddy supported SOPA and PIPA which were essentially monetizing and censoring the internet. So real talk - fuck Go Daddy... they were a shit company even before they showed their ugly side. With that said it's pretty apparent I wont be giving my hosting money to Go Daddy. Seems as good a time as any to do round 6 of left as rain - this time not hosted by the devil.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - A Haunting

chris on October 16 2013

I heard this on Soundcheck last night, and it was gooood. Pretty cohesive sophomore album from the Detroiters.

Blood Orange - Champagne Coast

chris on October 14 2013

I'm sweeeepy. Still feeling the effects of Saturday most likely. It's true kiddies; the older you get the worse your hangovers are. They get brutal.

HAERTS - All the Days

Alex on October 14 2013

I sing this song alone in my office with maximum feeling. "TTOOGEETTTHHHEERRR."

Fol Chen - Boys In The Woods

Alex on October 11 2013

Friday rears its ugly head again and we all have that many less brain cells.

Classixx - Long Lost (ft Activie Child)

chris on October 10 2013

Step one - Run out of work at 200 mph. Step two - Play this track on Vinyl. Wait no, take the dog out.

The Almighty Defenders - Bow Down and Die

chris on October 10 2013

File this in the Shit Leftasrain Misses Terribly drawer. Have you ever been to a show that totally takes you by surprise and all of a sudden you're sweating and dancing in unison with everyone in the building and all time is lost. Put King Khan and the Black Lips together draped in gospel robes and this is what results. RIP The Almighty Defenders. May you wander the heavens gracing the eternal with beautiful sweaty dance parties. Did you know every time an Angel sweats, a musician gets his big break. It's true.

Cults - High Road

Alex on October 10 2013

Well it's official - I have fat ass mentality. I had a dream last night I broke into someone's house and ate pizza. It wasn't a quick "hey, lets eat this slice" moment - I sat there for an hour in dream time eating slice after slice of pizza. There's no punchline here, folks -- just pizza.