Peter Bjorn and John - It Dont Move Me(Miike Snow Remix)

alex on July 10 2009

Miike Snow is the new Peter Gabriel. There, I said it.

Miike Snow - Animal

chris on July 09 2009

I just want to give the comment below a shout out. Sup dude! You're doing a great job!

Golden birds - Blood Stream

alex on July 08 2009

OH HEY Y'ALL! what am i doing you say? oh well not too much... just sitting around waiting to fucking ROCK OUT TO KAY KAY AND HIS WEATHERED UNDERGROUND tonight. no big deal.

The Kooks - Stormy Weather

alex on July 08 2009

Oh harmonica, you sound like someone really hurt you in the past. im going to find that monica bitch who harmed you, harmonica, and fuck her up. dont you worry little guy.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This

alex on July 08 2009

This album is utterly and hopelessly delicious. I havnt really listened to it yet but if it sounds as good as it tastes WOOOOOO DOGGY!

Chris Garneau - No More Pirates

alex on July 07 2009

Im almost positive Chris Garneau is an undercover angel.... just sayin.

Hayden - The Van Song

chris on July 06 2009

What's that feeling in the pit of my stomach? hunger?... No, it's just my always present sense of foreboding. I feel like a piano is going to drop on my head at any second.

Spoon - Got Nuffin

alex on July 06 2009

Oh 4th of july, why must you always make me get so black out? im still not fully recovered and im fairly certain my liver is still on vacation.

Foreign Born - In The Shape

chris on July 06 2009

For some reason a change in routine provides you with a rush of clarity. Was I jaded? Probably.

Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer

chris on July 02 2009

So I am gonna jet tommorrow, so here is another jam for your ears. Way into this by the way, no diggity.