Pepper Rabbit - Older Brother

christopher on August 26 2010

Someone has been borrowing sounds, but I think it's great. This is actually quite a beautiful track.

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

alex on August 24 2010

New Zealand's answer to passion pit, except it really is a girl singing. ZING!

The Black Keys - Next Girl

chris on August 20 2010


Pallers - The Kiss

chrissy poo, there is that less formal? on August 20 2010

Music from Stockholm. Stockhold has their shit together. Incredibly beautiful people, a good looking city, fun, great design and fashion, and apparently pretty cool music too.

Ceelo - F**K You

alexander cortes on August 20 2010

my kind of fuckin song. fuck yeah.

Kendal Johansson - Blue Moon

christoher on August 19 2010

My magazine went off to the printer today, which is pretty rad.

PVT - Window

alexander on August 16 2010

I know what youre thinking, I'm posting a lot of music lately which leans towards an electronic variety. but here's a fun fact that 99% of the people who listen to the site dont know, I was a candy raver for a very long time. I spent my high school days in fields and dark warehouses listening to bass drone with people carrying stuffed animals and pants big enough to house an entire somalian village. So next time youre thinking, hey Alex why dont you post some hip blues rock or an awesome acoustic cover just remember that this is a much better way of dealing with my love for electronica than having pink hair and wearing plastic jewelry up to my elbows.(true story)

Egyptian Hip Hop - Moon Crooner

alexander on August 16 2010

If there's one thing im certain of, it's the fact that I'll probably never die to a dragon's fiery hot stinky molten flavored breath. Another thing im certain of is that in a few months everyone will know the name Egyptian Hip Hop.

The Strange Boys - Laugh at Sex, Not Her

christopher on August 12 2010

Just adding some additional flavor to the mix. Making a gumbo over here.

Salem - King Knight

alex on August 10 2010

Damn Salem, you hit hard. Step aside Crystal Castles theres a new "almost goth industrial band" in the house.