Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets

alex on June 17 2011

I've been eating a fuck ton of candy lately. CANDY Y U TASTE SO GOOD? I'm quickly approaching that 2 year mark where I goto the dentist and get my mouth taken care of. I dont think I've ever seen anyone look so let down than when I goto the dentist. At least I dont fuck around when they ask me shit like how much i'm flossing. "oh me? yea never."

Hospital Ships - Honey, Please

alex on June 16 2011

dear girl in the bar the other night calling me a frat boy proclaiming I know nothing about music, I got a worldwide audience that begs to differ. Enjoy the tunes and maybe dont be so judgemental next time.

YACHT - Beam Me Up

alex on June 13 2011

BREAKING NEWS: this album is fucking money. I mean like, burlap bags full of money with big dollar symbols on the side wild wild west cowboy days just robbed a fucking bank money.

Stand Up Against Heartbreak - Coffee and Cigarettes

chris on June 13 2011

Keep it downbeat. This is a really nice track, I am feeling that casio keyboard beat. Nice find on the blog, this music doesnt suck.

Stars - Midnight Coward

alex on June 13 2011

someone should put on the label of plant food/soil that its also bug food and bugs will eventually take over your apartment and you may or may not wake up in a cocoon tomorrow.

Jai Paul - BTSU

alex on June 10 2011

I fuckin hate parties...... ... JK! judging by my hangover I like them a little too much.

Pictureplane - Real is a Feeling

chris on June 10 2011

So Left As Rain is quickly appraoching the 1000 mark for posts. What do you guys think about a party? Oh yal don't like parties? That's wierd.

Handsome Furs - Memories of the Future

chris on June 09 2011

This follow up album to Face Control has some pretty big shoes to fill... and I give it three thumbs up. Yes that third one is a boner.

League - Golden Maps

chris on June 07 2011

So I left the house with a poor choice of footwear. You better think long and hard what you might get into during the course of your day/night before you put on something you might regret.

Summer Fiction - Chandeliers

alex on June 07 2011

The dude at my bodega must have confused my large coffee request with molten lava. It's hot outside and im drinking liquid hot magma, great. On the other hand, what a fucking great song to start this beautiful day. fuck yeah music.