Handsome Furs - Memories of the Future

chris on June 09 2011

This follow up album to Face Control has some pretty big shoes to fill... and I give it three thumbs up. Yes that third one is a boner.

League - Golden Maps

chris on June 07 2011

So I left the house with a poor choice of footwear. You better think long and hard what you might get into during the course of your day/night before you put on something you might regret.

Summer Fiction - Chandeliers

alex on June 07 2011

The dude at my bodega must have confused my large coffee request with molten lava. It's hot outside and im drinking liquid hot magma, great. On the other hand, what a fucking great song to start this beautiful day. fuck yeah music.

Digitalism - Blitz

alex on June 06 2011

digitalism returns with an album full of electro bangers, what more could you ask for. well, I for one, could ask for some ice cream with gummy stuff on top(maybe worms perhaps? bears will do also.), but not like IN the ice cream cause then gummy shit freezes and it becomes mini boulders of teeth destruction. Unfortunately these are the things that plague my mind on a daily basis.

Big Krit - Neva Go Back

chris on June 06 2011

OH HAY!!! It's me Chris. Long time no see.

Junior Boys - Itchy Fingers

alex mythological beast master on June 03 2011

Junior Boys 2.0 - NOW WITH LESS BORING! seriously, up until today I thought junior boys were a mediocre group, they must have fought a balrog and ascended to white wizard status or something.

Arcade Fire - Culture War

alex making shit awkward since 1983 on June 03 2011

Did you guys miss us? We missed you, I woke up in a cold sweat thinking about you.... sexually.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur - Household Goods

alex on May 25 2011

This band has been sent from outter space to rock our worlds. I will also be joining Mr Christopher and crew in Savannah GA this weekend, holla.

Phantogram - As Far As I Can See

chris on May 25 2011

Savannah Georgia here I come. Same time next week people, dont work too hard.

1860 - Snæfellsnes

alex on May 21 2011

Contrary to popular belief - I dont speak Icelandic so I have no idea what this song is about. I'd like to think its about a boy who's remembering the toy train set he had as a kid, he really loved that train set. One day his big brother wrecked that toy train set and the little boy, Stefan, vowed vengeance. Stefan waited 35 years and put a bomb in the older brother's gas tank. That morning as Bjorn, the older brother, got into his car he saw a toy train on the dashboard. Bjorn chuckled it off, one of those long loud laughs that require a sigh at the end; mid sigh Bjorn started the car. Dont fuck with a little boy's train set folks. Additionally - never let me tell your child a story.