Patrick Watson - Machinery of the Heavens

alexander on June 04 2009

Last night I was walking home in the rain, thoroughly drunk, listening to this song at volume 11, and I had one of those everything in the universe is aligned feelings. Furthermore, i quickly discovered that to achieve said feelings of absolute bliss and harmony leaves you with a killer headache as after math, a small price to pay for fleeting inner peace. with that being said, this fucking album is baby melting awesomeness, amazing strings, and great production quality.

Holiday Shores - Phones Don't Fued

christopher on June 02 2009

My body tells me it's friday, but my boss tells me to shut the fuck up and do your work. Been listening to their myspace and can't get ahold of an album.

Woods - Rain On

alex on June 02 2009

out of line but the damage is done doing fine under a setting sun.

Joker's Daughter - Worm's Head

chris on June 02 2009

Short and sweet track from the UK. Pretty sure that this album was produced by Danger Mouse.

Dark Night of the Soul - Little Girl (feat. Julian Casablancas)

alex on June 01 2009

this little gem is off of dangermouse and sparklehorse's new album. great tracks, find it, download it. EMI decieded to shelf this album, so this is going to be an album I support not buying, go download this shit and make EMI realize theyve made a huge mistake.

Deertick - Easy

chris on June 01 2009

I am going for a walk.

The Walkmen - Revenge Wears No Wristwatch

chris on June 01 2009

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. -RF

Sunset Rubdown - Silver Moons

chris on May 28 2009

pretty epic janx

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

alex on May 27 2009

uplifting hump day song. feeeeeelin it.

Gomez - Airstream Driver

chris on May 26 2009

Gomez are one of those bands that you appreciate for being remarkable musicians, but you just can't really get into it. I used to listen to their early stuff in highschool, Liquid Skin.