Patrick Watson - Luscious Life

alex on November 19 2008

Love this duder, if you dont have this album yet youre slippin. in other news: its fucking freezing in ny, want to buy warm weather again.

The Pierces - Turn On Billie

alex on November 18 2008

The Pierce sisters are absolute foxes. I wanna give them both a jumping high five at the same time, karate kick the air, come down and punch the ground, at which point we'll walk off into the horizon with cars exploding in our wake. I feel like Michael Bay.

The Last Shadow Puppets - Time Has Come Again

chris on November 17 2008

I'm gonna bring it down a notch kiddies, let us swoon to The Last Shadow Puppets. Wow, that word can mean something great or something has gone horribly wrong. A spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood. That is the bad swoon.

Starflyer 59 - The Brightest of the Head

alejandro on November 17 2008

My office stays really hot, and its like this dry heat that makes you feel like youre wearing a scratchy blanket or about to have a nosebleed. There's really no punchline to that--its just really hot in here.

The Do - Coda

chris on November 17 2008

Here is another dose of The Do. If you can't get off work for Thanksgiving you are more than welcome to come and cook and eat with us on Sutton St. We do it right.

Starfucker - German Love

chris on November 14 2008

I dont even care if alex spoiled it for you yesterday, these Star Fuckers are bringing the heat. Put on two pairs of socks for round two people. Those first pair are gonna blow right off. Happy Friday.

The Deirdres - Fun To Pretend

chris on November 14 2008

Hi doods. I am back, It has been a crazy week of work. But here is a fun track from an obscure band with an awful website. I will drop some heat on your ears before I leave work today, believe you me.

Vampire Weekend - Ottoman

alex on November 14 2008

I love Vampire Weekend's victorian sound put in a contemporary tone, I picture some classy picnic with bowler hats, canes, monocles, huge white dresses, sun umbrellas(like Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte)... but everyones drinking PBRs. Happy Friday kiddos, get f'd up.

Starfucker - Holly

damp alex on November 13 2008

I was gonna wait till Friday to blow your minds, but I got impatient. Hang out with starfuckers, masters of the universe. in other news: I just discovered my new jacket is NOT water proof.

Q and not U - Softest Pyramids

alex on November 12 2008

Listening to some old Q and not U reminds me of how much Hot Hot Heat ripped on their style. If I was Q I woulda karate kicked those son of a bitches. So today I was eating honey, and there's a couple things I wanna get off my chest concerning A. honey and B. bees(get it B for bees, no? moving on..). First off, have you tasted honey? What the fuck, that shit is GOOD, i mean it tastes fucking rad in my mouth. Additionally if it tastes this good why isnt it a big deal bees are disapearing off this planet? It seems pretty obvious colony collapse is being caused by pesticides, so stop using the fucking pesticides assholes, hire some bad ass spiders from that movie Aracnophobia and call it a day. Honey boy #1 signing out. Save da bees.