Q and not U - Softest Pyramids

alex on November 12 2008

Listening to some old Q and not U reminds me of how much Hot Hot Heat ripped on their style. If I was Q I woulda karate kicked those son of a bitches. So today I was eating honey, and there's a couple things I wanna get off my chest concerning A. honey and B. bees(get it B for bees, no? moving on..). First off, have you tasted honey? What the fuck, that shit is GOOD, i mean it tastes fucking rad in my mouth. Additionally if it tastes this good why isnt it a big deal bees are disapearing off this planet? It seems pretty obvious colony collapse is being caused by pesticides, so stop using the fucking pesticides assholes, hire some bad ass spiders from that movie Aracnophobia and call it a day. Honey boy #1 signing out. Save da bees.

The Morning Benders - Waiting for a War

alex on November 11 2008

Screw winter man, I'm already over it. Some solid tunes from The Morning Benders, I'm gonna start my own band called The Morning Boners.-and im 7 years old...

Ingrid Michaelson - Be OK

chris on November 11 2008

This is the title track off New York based Inrid's third album that came out last month. If you like this track check out You And I. Great ukulele action as well as some harmonizing.

The Smiths - This Charming Man

chris on November 10 2008

Lets take a look back to 1983 when this single was released. I was 1 year old. Those were the days, drugs and women as far as the eyes could see. My vision hadn't quite developed yet.

Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer

alex on November 10 2008

Thanks for making it out this weekend kiddos, was a great time. A lot of people are requesting the old playlist, we'll release an archives section eventually, give me a little bit of time on that tip. This jam reminds me of Tom Petty. I really want to write something funny in this last sentence but I have nothing, something has surgically removed my funny bone, so I leave you with this visual: a bearded mexican man wearing a huge sombrero and poncho-.. riding a raptor.

Primal Scream - Uptown

chris on November 07 2008

Lots of United Kindomites are making it up here by my hand lately. I just made that word up. 12:30 and I'm already inventing shit. Making moves early. Duck Duck Saturday night just in case you missed the previous posts. Be dare kiddo.

Hercules and Love Affair - Raise Me Up

alex on November 07 2008

Wanna hear this bumping on a loud sound system while wasted with everyone having a good time?!(hey you in the sweater vest, I saw you say no, take it back) Good news, you can! on Saturday! Chris and myself will be DJing duck duck once again, corner of Montrose Ave and Graham Ave in the ol BK of Nuevo York. Jams start at 9 till the wee hours of the night. I love that word wee, just a wee bit, i gotta take a wee, hes a wee bit like david copperfield. nintendo wii? no?

Travis - Last Words

alex on November 07 2008

Keeeyyyoooppp!! thats the sound of me karate chopping shit.

Rodriguez - Sugar Man

alex on November 07 2008

I'm willing to bet sugar man is in fact a drug dealer. I mean listen to those wonky noises, Rodriguez is straight up all jazzed up on looney drugs making him see silver magic ships. silver magic ships for Christ sake! What does that even mean? for the sake of Christ? I feel like im in the Westboro Baptist church when I say that shit.

Starling Electric - Camp-Fire

alex on November 06 2008

Love this jam. However what I dont love is how early it gets dark now, WTF sun???? We used to be boys and now you turn your back on me by 5pm...