Panama - Always

chris on October 04 2013

People probably wonder what it's like to live in NYC. One thing you must adapt to is the surprise of walking up on something revolting. This could be a bum taking a shit, or like yesterday, a dead cat in a plastic bag. People are ridiculous. Fluffy dies and what do you do? You put her in a plastic bag and throw her out the window onto the sidewalk... duh.

The Blisters - Police

chris on October 02 2013

I agree entirely with this song's message. Your best bet is to avoid the Police altogether.

Polica - Wandering Star

chris on October 02 2013

I hate when Alex gives me an album and tells me it's good. It pretty much means he is staking claim on it, and I can't post a track from it. It's the music version of shotgun.

Two Door Cinema Club - Golden Veins

Alex on October 02 2013

No one told me the Panda Cam at the National Zoo would be turned off due to the govt. shut down. How will we know what sort of antics Mei Xiang and Tian Tian are getting into today??? HAVE YOU NO SOUL TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS?!

Belle and Sebastian - Your Cover's Blown(Miaoux Miaoux Remix)

chris on October 01 2013

An album of BS b-sides and remixes. Chrissy Likey. It's making the task of filling out timesheets at work a little better. I'm not sure if you've ever had to fill out timesheets, but if you have, you know I'm hanging in by a thread over here. I'm dangerously close to throwing myself out the 5th story window. If you hear a crash while walking on E 4th st, thanks for breaking my fall.

X priest X - Samurai (SertOne Rmx)

Alex on September 30 2013

9:47 AM Monday morning.. I can take a nap now right? X priest X is the next grimes - calling it now.

Keep Shelly in Athens - Flyway

chris on September 27 2013

Here is another entry from Chris' Badass Soundtrack series. This is from the - frantically searching through the streets of London - scene.

School of Night - Fire Escape

chris on September 26 2013

Solo venture from dude from the Antlers. He resides in Brooklyn as does yours truly... and Alex. Alex lives here too. Alex, you live here too right?

Cosmonaut - Your Knife (My Side)

Alex on September 26 2013

Today I write this post with great joy and a sense of life completion. Whilst walking my dog last night an older black gentleman came up to me and proclaimed "I LIKE HIM" referring to my blue pit bull. Obviously I responded with "I like HER too" I told him she's friendly and to say hi to her. We chatted for a bit about pit bulls and parted ways. We take about 5 paces in opposite directions before he finally says it. He turns around and says "I like her a lot.. my man!" I almost fell to my knees in joy. It was the most quintessential Denzel Washington "my man" I've ever heard. I wanted to yell so the world knew "I'M HIS MAN!" For years I've wanted an older black man to call me "my man!" and that day has finally come. My tombstone will now read "Alex Mejias - music blogger, jiu jitsu junkie, and my man!"

Youngblood Hawke - Stars - Penguin Prison Remix

chris on September 25 2013

The brain is a curious thing. One day you don't have the willpower to even drag yourself along through the mud like a slug, and the next day you feel halfway ok about your futile existence on this meaningless rock hurtling though infinity into this never ending pitch dark void of a universe. You know what I mean? winky face.