Pillar Point - Cherry

chris on January 21 2014

Come on Pillar Point, quit trying to steal my heart away. This is what people in the industry refer to as "that hot fire."

Mac DeMarco - Passing Out

chris on January 21 2014

This track is an hour old... now this is having your finger on the pulse. Martin had a dream! Martin had a dream! Kendrick have a dream!

Born Ruffians - Needle

chris on January 19 2014

Working for the weekend... More like working on the weekend!!! Insert frowny face.

The Blisters - Finally Bored

chris on January 17 2014

I was just given guilt trip that gave me a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Thanks alot! Let's start this Friday off with a slow dance while I recover from that devastating blow of truth.


Alex on January 17 2014

As the native NYCers know the weather recently has been pretty bleak. Endless days of rain and grey walls. Today things are looking up - the sun has graced us with it's presence. However one thing really stood out to me during the rainy days - possibly because my commute has changed and I transfer in midtown now. Mother fucking business men in their long over coats protecting their shitty suits swinging their umbrellas like golf clubs. This is a thing -- people do this on the platform waiting for the train. I cant think of a worse douche bag beacon. Are you really sharpening up your golf driving skills for your next round of 18 on NYC's illustrious golf courses? On the train platform? With a soaking wet umbrella that shoots little dirty water particles everywhere whilst you swing it in all your douche-ly glory? I'll see ya on the green, Tiger.

Zoo Brother - Fourth of July

chris on January 16 2014

The word of the day kiddos is Phlegm. I'll give you a nickle if you knew how to spell that. I chose the word because i have tons of it right now.

Chrome Canyon - Beginings

Alex on January 13 2014

This whole album feels like an electro-symphonic ride through a 70's movie about BMX bike riders who steal VHS players. I'd go as far to say that this album is lewd, crude, and totally unglued.

Tomas Barfod - Pulsing (Feat. Nina K)

Alex on January 10 2014

Totally digging on Tomas Barfod's Little Dragon vibe - so much so I even came out of my NYC Winter hermit mode to share it. Now if you'll excuse me I have a blanket fort calling my name.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Lariat

chris on January 09 2014

I feel like a moleman for playing the obvious hit of the album, but you know what... It's really the only radio song. This album has a total early grateful dead san fran vibe.

Luna - Broken Chair

chris on January 08 2014

I'm restarting 2014. It officially starts today, so make sure you tell your friends and workplaces to avoid any further confusion.