PAWWS - Time to Say Goodbye

Alex on July 29 2013

PAWWS, can you please release a full length already? In other ground shattering news: My dogs have fleas and I must now go take care of this issue by burning my apartment to the ground.

Nurses - Trying to Reach You

chris on July 26 2013

Totally singing this, trying to meet you, for about 5 minutes. Wrong Chris, it's reach you dumbass. Oh and whats the deal with crazy people and bags? I watched an insane woman rearrange pieces of scrap paper in a bag for 15 minutes straight on the train today. Let's be honest and just call it trash actually. She was rearranging trash.

AlunaGeorge - Bad Idea

Alex on July 25 2013

AlunaGeorge's new album is spot on - I'm super stoked to hear some of the remixes which will spur from these tracks. Is telling someone they're a car crash waiting to happen the ultimate burn? You're 10 car pile up in icy conditions.

LowerDens - Propagation

chris on July 24 2013

I always feel the need to speed up the tracks on leftasrain. Maybe it's because it often gets played at house parties or get-togethers, but that's not the mood i'm most often find myself in, or the music that I most often enjoy. I'm tend to be drawn to more sentimental music. Those dance jams don't have this kind of depth. And I don't want to feel upbeat and good all the time. Sad music makes me feel good actually. Bad good.

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks - Steve's Theme

Alex on July 23 2013

Steve's Theme, eh? Steve must be a pretty chill guy. Alex Bleeker, Regale me with more tales about your Steve. In all seriousness band names are just getting too long, I dont care if you name your band Crystal Bears - it's easy for me to say in passing. When someone asks me what I'm listening to and I have to respond with "Oh this ol' thing? Just Alex Bleeker and the Freaks" I feel disappointed in myself.

Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up

chris on July 22 2013

Mac comes in with a left right left right combo. Head body head body. Glass Joe goes down.

Small Black - Moon Killer

Alex on July 22 2013

Solid track from a solid band. I always know what to expect when I listen to a Small Black song and for whatever reason - that's very comforting to me. Which is the exact opposite feeling of not having any A/C in your 9th floor apartment, because that's currently what I'm experiencing and.. its too hot to write a joke about it.

Darondo - Didn't I

chris on July 22 2013

You know a guy's BO is bad when you pass him at 15 mph on a bike and it nearly knocks you out cold. Solid weekend, back to the grind. Let's start this puppy off slow.

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Hemsworth Remix)

Alex on July 20 2013

I'm back. It's not easy returning to a balmy 100 degree Brooklyn and an apartment with broken A/C after a week at the beach. We must go back (in my best Jack from Lost impersonation). I've always had trouble with impersonations, no matter what language or origin I'm trying to imitate I pretty much 90% of the time sound like a drunk American person pretending to be a drunk British person.

Army Navy - Crushed Like the Car

chris on July 18 2013

I was just sitting next to someone who fell asleep in a meeting. The president of the company looked at him with a shaking head. Sucks to be him.