Olympic Ayres - Magic

Alex on September 11 2013

I've been scavenging for good music lately with very little luck - finally struck gold on Sound Cloud after a solid two hours of searching. That's dedication, folks!

Lazyeyes - Wait

Alex on September 10 2013

I just shaved for the first time in probably 6 months. My first thought was holy shit my skin is sensitive now - my second thought was that razor must be magical future technology because it just transported my face back in time 20 years. The good news is no one will recognize me so I guess I can go wander around women's locker rooms and stuff -- no wait.. that's if youre invisible. There is no good news, I miss my face rug.

Jodie - Moments in Heartbreak (LOL Boys Edit)

Alex on September 06 2013

Happy Friday you filthy scoundrels. I dare you not to bob your head to this track. Trap music just has that effect, its like ingrained in our genetic code to bob heads whilst traps be trapping.

Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht - Hang On to Life

chris on September 05 2013

The corner I work on is amazing. A constant parade of models, babes in workout clothing, and Liev Schreiber. It's a perfect balance because he is the masculine equivalent of two hundred men put together.


Alex on September 04 2013

The past three days I've had this constant "FUUUUUUUUUUUUU--" going on in my head. Next week I plan on drinking a ton of beer - like a 12 pack of bud light and maybe one of those fuzzy navel wine coolers just to really seal the deal with adult-onset diabetes.

Holy Ghost - Okay

chris on September 04 2013

I was misled by the vibe from their single on this one. As an entity, this album just blew me away. Not by dropping serious disco dance jams, but by bringing a grownup, fully matured masterpiece. They really worked some magic in the studio, with a broad variety of sounds, accomplished with an equally broad spectrum of equipment. These dudes are for real and here to stay.

Hooray for Earth - Same

Alex on August 30 2013

I imagine this band got their name because they wake up every morning all "HOORAY FOR EARTH AND THE INTERSTELLAR EVER EXPANDING EXPLOSION WE CALL OUR UNIVERSE." then they put on flip flops, make coffee, and eat cheerios with no sugar for breakfast.

Oliver - Night Is On My Mind

chris on August 30 2013

I think the world needs way more practical jokes. And techno vikings, we need way more techno vikings. That guy is amazing. I wonder what he's up to right now.

Jackson And His Computer Band - Memory

Alex on August 29 2013

Jackson And His Computer Band return to the weird music scene with their latest album Glow which is shockingly less weird than I expected. I've always enjoyed this band but there was something missing, like a chef who only cooks with salt. It's really good salt - like expensive sea salt or some shit - but he never used pepper. Well thankfully Jackson has now discovered the full array of spices.

Jeremy Jay - High Note

chris on August 28 2013

The guy next to me in the bodega this morning bought one of those sex packet things with huge dick Japanese anime on it. It took every fiber of my restraint to not look over and say... really?