Jeremy Jay - High Note

chris on August 28 2013

The guy next to me in the bodega this morning bought one of those sex packet things with huge dick Japanese anime on it. It took every fiber of my restraint to not look over and say... really?

Breakbot - You should Know - Alt Take

chris on August 27 2013

I'm pretty sure Breakbot is over in France tailoring dance music specifically to my person taste. Killer beats and that silky smooth pillow talk voice. Oh Breakbot!

Keep Shelly In Athens - Oostende

Alex on August 26 2013

My favorite Greek band returns with a dope single. I should rephrase that.. My favorite Greek band, as well as the only Greek band I've ever heard other than at my Greek relative's wedding receptions, has returned with a dope single.

iamamiwhoami - Play

Alex on August 23 2013

It's hard to top that siren's call of a voice. The other day I heard a dude listening to some tunes which sounded a lot like iamamiwhoami and I told him he'd really dig iamamiwhoami. I then realized how incredibly dumb I sounded saying iamamiwhoami, I feel stupid typing iamamiwhoami. My fingers need a nap now.

I Am the Cosmos - Look Me In the Eye

chris on August 21 2013

Alex and I are dj'n the Addison NY party this evening over off the highline. Hit us on our beepas if you are interested in getting yo drank on.

LIPS - Everything to Me

Alex on August 20 2013

How about we take it down a notch or 12. This track has been on repeat in my headphones for 2 days now. I'm like Lennie in of Mice and Men when I find a new song I love.

King Krule - Out Getting Ribs

chris on August 19 2013

Never have Alex and I been so spot on in terms of predictions. This is King Krule's re-recorded and razor sharply honed version of Out Getting Ribs. He's no longer a 16 year old zoo kid, but a 19 year old ginger king.

Cloud Control - Scar

chris on August 19 2013

This song is made up of excellent moments, that come together into a supreme whole. Gestalt baby. The wholeness.

Wise Blood - Alarm

Alex on August 16 2013

Well here we are again, the weekend is upon us and New York and still showing off it's recently acquired awesome weather skills. As I was writing this I bit the crap out of my cheek - why can that happen? We can build fucking spaceships but are still capable of eating the inside of our mouth? Design flaw if you ask me.

Washed Out - Pull You Down

Alex on August 15 2013

New York's weather recently has been killing it 75 and sunny - what more could you ask for? Well maybe a little less human urine and feces on the street but hey-we can't have it all, right?