Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way

chris on May 21 2011

Man, it seems to be a pretty nice day. As far as end of the world days go. I trust accuweather more than I trust apocalyptic prophesies.

Nightmares On Wax - Hear In Colour

chris on May 20 2011

Hear in colour. That's European for hear in color. Now while I'm out, does anyone need anything from the shoppe?

Pete and the Pirates - United

alex on May 19 2011

Well folks thats it, the world ends tomorrow. Remember when this happened in like 1995? I cant remember the exact year. I was a child and scared fucking shit less - I remember seeing tons of billboards reading the world was going to end. You know how terrifying that is to a child? So to all the religious nut jobs who think its ok to prophetize the rapture or apocalypse or the raptocalypse - fuck you.

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

alex on May 19 2011

We've been fucking killing it with the tracks recently. Left as rain: Slaying Ear Drums Since 2009 While Gratuitously Using The Word Fuck.

SBTRKT - Wildfire Feat. Little Dragon

alex on May 18 2011

today I learned SBTRKT is short for subtract.

Cults - Abducted

chris on May 17 2011

So, Steven Hawking said there's no heaven and to quit living in a fantasy. But in a robot voice.

When Saints Go Machine - Kelly

alex on May 16 2011

I rarely post the same band twice in two weeks... but.. nevermind-fuck you i do what i want.

Kid Cudi ft. Best Coast and Rostam - All Summer

chris on May 16 2011

Rad video of this that is Gondry inspired.

Lonely Island Feat. Beck - Attracted To Us

alex on May 13 2011

Andy Samberg brushed into me running off the stage while I was at an SNL taping, true story.

Wise Blood - Loud Mouths

chris on May 13 2011

Saw this bad ass when I went to see Wu Lyf a few weeks ago. Ef yeah, bring on the whole album.