Pete and the Pirates - United

alex on May 19 2011

Well folks thats it, the world ends tomorrow. Remember when this happened in like 1995? I cant remember the exact year. I was a child and scared fucking shit less - I remember seeing tons of billboards reading the world was going to end. You know how terrifying that is to a child? So to all the religious nut jobs who think its ok to prophetize the rapture or apocalypse or the raptocalypse - fuck you.

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

alex on May 19 2011

We've been fucking killing it with the tracks recently. Left as rain: Slaying Ear Drums Since 2009 While Gratuitously Using The Word Fuck.

SBTRKT - Wildfire Feat. Little Dragon

alex on May 18 2011

today I learned SBTRKT is short for subtract.

Cults - Abducted

chris on May 17 2011

So, Steven Hawking said there's no heaven and to quit living in a fantasy. But in a robot voice.

When Saints Go Machine - Kelly

alex on May 16 2011

I rarely post the same band twice in two weeks... but.. nevermind-fuck you i do what i want.

Kid Cudi ft. Best Coast and Rostam - All Summer

chris on May 16 2011

Rad video of this that is Gondry inspired.

Lonely Island Feat. Beck - Attracted To Us

alex on May 13 2011

Andy Samberg brushed into me running off the stage while I was at an SNL taping, true story.

Wise Blood - Loud Mouths

chris on May 13 2011

Saw this bad ass when I went to see Wu Lyf a few weeks ago. Ef yeah, bring on the whole album.

When Saints Go Machine - Fail Forever

alex on May 12 2011

I've been cooped up in my office (my apt) for days working on a project, I'm starting to go slightly crazy and perhaps losing a good majority, from the small amount I do possess, of my social skills. The good news is I have a plethora of new music to bestow upon your pretty little ears. (creep)

Saskatchewan - Dreamboat

chris on May 11 2011

note, Summer music doesn't have to be surf music. That echo is killer. I found this guy on i guess im floating.